iFixit On Gizmodo’s iPhone Teardown: “It’s Very Close To Production”


iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens
iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens

iFixit is famous for its authorative Apple product teardowns. I just emailed the CEO, Kyle Wiens, with some questions about Gizmodo’s teardown. Here’s Kyle’s take:

Gizmodo emailed me asking the same thing.

I asked them why they didn’t remove the (very removable) EMI shields.

It’s closer to production than I was expecting. I’d say this thing is very very close.

What sucks for Apple is if they have to cut features for some reason. Of course the prototypes would have all the features they’re considering (flash, camera, etc.). But realities force feature removal at the last minute, like they did with the iPod Touch. I’m sure the iPod Touch prototypes had cameras in them.