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Gizmodo’s iPhone 4G Teardown Fails To Reveal CPU



Before returning the iPhone it bought from a guy in a bar for $5,000, Gizmodo performed a teardown. It has just published the results. Unfortunately, it’s pretty uninformative. The teardown reveals the iPhone has a much bigger battery (19% larger), while the rest of the components are much smaller to make room.

The big question — whether the new iPhone runs Apple’s A4 chip — is unanswered because Apple bonded a non-removable metal plate over the motherboard.

The main logic board is one very weird piece of this puzzle… Unfortunately for us, Apple intends to keep this a secret. There are no markings on the board, but even so, the board was encased in metal all around so nothing could get through and would be very difficult to remove without breaking the device. Anyone trying to take this part off the phone would damage the device irreparably. On top of this metal, there was a thermal paste-like material. And on top of that, black tape. They really didn’t want people looking inside.

Obviously, Apple was afraid of this device falling into the wrong hands, which is exactly what happened. One clue whether it runs the A4 is the smaller circuitry. The A4 is a system-on-a-chip, which would require less supporting components.