Pixar animators rave about iPad Pro test drive


Pixar takes iPad Pro for a test drive.
Pixar takes iPad Pro for a test drive.
Photo: Michael B. Johnson/Twitter

Apple’s gigantic new tablet just got a huge endorsement from some of the best animators and graphic artists in the world.

Pixar’s animation team got an early hands-on look with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil yesterday, and according to Pixar’s R&D pre-production architect, Michael Johnson, the palm rejection on the iPad Pro is so ‘perfect’ you’ll never have to worry about trying to draw while resting your hand on the device.

Digital artists have been curious how well the iPad Pro will compete against products like Wiacom’s Cintiq. As far as hardware goes, it appears to blow the Cintiq devices out of the water, but software will be key area for Apple to lure in more artists and creatives to use the device.

Former Apple designer, Lisa Dong, detailed the iPad Pro’s major advantages against the Cintiq in a recent post. The iPad Pro’s latency, simplistic pencil design, and pricing are all major draws for the device which is set to launch later this year. Michael Johnson notes that it also helps that the iPad Pro is faster than just about any laptop that shipped three years ago, and faster than most that ship today.