Why the new Apple TV will kill your Xbox or Playstation


The new Apple TV remote will give it Wii-like gaming capabilities.
The new Apple TV remote will give it Wii-like gaming capabilities.
Photo: Matthew Panzarino / Techcrunch

A new report gives us our best insight yet into the radically improved Apple TV expected to be launched next month, including the fact that it will ship with a motion-sensitive controller similar to the Nintendo Wiimote — but a hell of a lot sleeker. And that’s just to start.

In an exhaustive report for Techcrunch, Matthew Panzarino says Apple is about to “lay down its cards” when it comes to the future of television, and what Cupertino has planned is nothing less than a game changer.

The new device will be the first to move Apple TV beyond the “it’s just a hobby for us” category Cupertino has put it in since the set-box debuted in January 2007. The report confirms that the new Apple TV will boast a dual-core A8 processor maximized for performance. In correlation with a new TV App Store, this will allow the new Apple TV powerhouse to run apps graphically on par with last-gen consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Panzarino also says the new Apple TV will have a radically changed remote. It’ll be a little fatter and a little heavier than the current Apple TV remote, but it will come with a dedicated Siri button (sort of like Amazon’s Fire TV remote), physical buttons on the bottom half, and a touchpad area at the top.

But that’s not all! Panzarino explains:

One thing that hasn’t been talked about yet is the fact that the new remote will be motion sensitive, likely including several axis’ worth of sensors that put its control on par with a Nintendo Wii remote. The possibilities, of course, are immediately evident.

A game controller with a microphone, physical buttons, a touchpad and motion sensitive controls would be extremely capable. While Apple is likely going to target the broad casual gaming market, I would not be shocked to see innovative gameplay blossom from that type of input possibility. Think, for instance, of multi-player gaming with several people using voice input, or many popular genres of party games that would do far better on the TV than on an iPad or iPhone.

It sounds like the new Apple TV is shaping up to be a killer gaming console. Can it take over console gaming the same way the iPhone and iPad dominated mobile gaming? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned to Cult of Mac on September 9 for more updates about Apple’s new Apple TV.

Source: Techcrunch

  • AAPL.To.Break.$130.Soon>:-)

    “Real gamers” are a snooty bunch. There’s no way an AppleTV is going to hurt those PS4 and Xbox One tough guys. They believe their games are far too advanced than what will be found in those simple games you’ll find on iOS. Besides there are exclusive games you can only find on the PS4 or Xbox One and those are the games the “real gamers” want to play. For instance, I happen to like the Gran Turismo simulation series for PSX and I can purchase gaming wheels, shifters and pedals for very realistic gameplay. AppleTV can’t offer anything close to that. It’s OK if AppleTV gets some users who like to play simple games and I’m sure that will be nice.

    I’d hardly think Sony or Microsoft is worried about anything Apple can offer in a gaming console. Microsoft has money to burn, so you know they can counter anything Apple has to offer in terms of hardware. Apple has no gaming sense whatsoever. They have to rely on some third party for decent game software. Apple may charge only $149 for its streaming box, but it’s not going to have the power of the latest gaming hardware. Most of the tech industry is going to consider AppleTV a failure because it’s not going to be able to live up to everyone’s expectations.

    • Apple has no gaming sense whatsoever.

      A perfect example of this is the built in game sdk in iOS; Spritekit. Goodness I tried that out and it was a complete mess! It lacked if the most basic and important features such as a time step. Without one, games would run at different speeds and cause major glitches depending on the CPU speed/state at the moment (meaning the experience on different devices was awful). I eventually rage quit on it and rebuilt my game using Cocos2d from the ground up. Worked like a charm.

      • You do realize that it has an update loop in which you can calculate delta time right? You simply take a timestamp and compare the previous time to the current time. Really simple and incredibly accurate no matter the device/hardware. Also, SpriteKit is just Cocos2D under the hood.

      • Alright then another argument: I like how Cocos2d has backwards compatibility with iOS 6 at the moment (and yes a still get a substantial amount of downloads from iOS 6 devices for those who still refuse to upgrade)

    • Whocares

      Same attitude as Nokia and Blackberry back in the day. Where are they now?

    • Lazermn

      This device is basically a super overpriced Fire Stick……

      • scxfan


        You are kidding, right?

    • dave

      I’m a very open and fanatic Apple fanboy who loves his apple tv and is excited for the next generation. BUT you are exactly right that console gamers are a serious bunch. I don’t know if I’d call myself a hardcore gamer, but I definitely play a fair bit. With 2 Ps3’s a PS4, Xbox 360 and an Xbox one on the way hopefully, I don’t even see Apple pulling me away or ever becoming a serious competitor for these systems. I am excited to see what they do and I’ll definitely buy one and play some games, but it will never be a main gaming choice for any even remotely serious gamer

    • Frans Keylard

      Gaming consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 have a lot of community features and dedicated processors for gaming. Apple TV is at best an Amazon FireHD stick on steroids (it plays games too). If anyone needs to worry it’s Nintendo who cater to the less sophisticated gamers. I think the title of this article is overly speculative and written with little insight into the needs of us “tough guy” gamers.

  • David Grossman

    This headline is such clickbait. While I’m looking forward to seeing the new Apple TV, I’ve seen no indication that it will destroy Xbox or Playstation. The remote is rumored to be par with a Nintendo Wii remote and will run apps graphically on par with last-gen consoles. How does that blow out Sony or Microsoft? Maybe eventually it will be revolutionary, but not yet. Your headline is both inaccurate and misleading.

    • Cult of Mac becoming BGR…

    • Lazermn

      I agree. The headline should be….. “The New Apple TV Remote will destroy your current tv remote”. Except my Samsung remote already has all of these features. Again Apple is behind the times.

      • Whocares

        Apple behind? You talk about a product not even released. Wait until you see one. You and fandroids are delusional to always think Samsung is innovative while in fact, they didn’t except giving you guys useless gimmicks…

      • Lazermn

        First off I don’t own a Samsung phone. I own a Samsung TV….. Second my tv already does everything the new Apple TV claims it will be able to do with matching specs and it’s 2 years old already. Gets your facts right before you state that Apple is innovative.

      • floppyfluke

        Doing something, and doing something well, is not the same thing.

      • Jim

        You’re commenting on rumor and don’t even know what the new AppleTV is, lol. And new products don’t always have to be balls to the walls innovative. Sometimes products just fill a void in the market. Folks like you cherry pick what innovation is just to find ways to slam Apple because you’re simply biased against Apple. Your comment above proves that. Samsung hasn’t innovated in smartphones for at least 2 years now and all the headlining features of their Galaxy phones as of late have been catch up to Apple innovation. It’s no wonder Galaxy phone sales are way down over the past 2 years while iPhones are way up.

      • TigersBurnRed

        No dog in the fight, but its because americans are stupid sheep who just need to have this “GREAT” Apple tech. You know my laptop or phone or tablet has an apple on the back so i must be cool!

      • Jim

        Apple behind again?? LOL, ok…. you mean how Samsung came to market with a proper Touch ID fingerprint scanner before Apple? You mean how Samsung came to market with Samsung Pay before Apple? You mean how Samsung came to market with an aluminum and glass phone before Apple?
        Oh wait… dude, Samsung has been behind Apple since the beginning. The ONLY thing they got right was making huge phones, which Apple held out and resisted, but making one wasn’t a big deal. Apple was making huge portable screens since 2010. They were called iPads and they were 9.7″ iPhones without the phone antenna.
        Calling Apple behind the times relative to a TV thing is so stupid since Apple doesn’t make TVs, and you are comparing Apple TV’s upcoming remote to Samsung TV remotes. WTF… how about we just say Apple is behind the times in making washing machines and refrigerators too while were using your fool’s logic, LOL.

      • TigersBurnRed

        Apple is just a stuck up shitty company that is extremely closed minded and intended for fat american slobs, but then again so is Samsung… come to think of it Samsung is kind of the new Apple, no innovation just relying on their name and logo to sell boatloads of useless crap

      • scxfan

        So whose D do you suck?

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Probably Microsoft’s. Just a guess.

      • TigersBurnRed

        Niether actually, it would be incredibly stupid to pick any one corporation and blindly support them to no end. However if tech companies were the “D” your speaking of i would be drawn to likes of Sony, LG and anything but Samsung or Apple. Sent from my Samsung galaxy tab 3…biggest piece of shit tablet ive ever owned

      • babaroga73

        It’s the same argument as just less then a year a go when Apple presented Apple Warch … “Oh, but my Motorola 360 , Samsung Gear can already do this, do that … ” flashforward to today , and Apple Watch gets more sales than all Android Wear devices combined.

      • scxfan

        Samsung remote.


    • sea_alex

      CoM is all about click bait …. If you look at them in Alexa, CoM seems to in a steady state of decline.

    • Whocares

      I didn’t know Nintendo has voice assistant in the remote…or just your delusion, No?

    • scxfan

      Does not say the Appple TV will blow those out graphically.

      Of course it won’t.

      Probably will need like an A12 or something to be comparable.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        You are trying to compare a box that sells for $400 to $500 for a gaming console, or several thousand for a PC gaming computer against a box that sells for about $150? It’s actually catching up in terms of power and what can be done with it, especially if they program the game using Metal, but obviously, it’s about just offering the AppleTV box with gaming capabilities, if it attracts enough buyers to the platform to do it, then that’s all they are looking at. Remember, Apple has sold over 25 Million AppleTVs so far, so it’s just being used as a device to do multiple things for people on a budget.

  • colin haller

    What a comically bad article. Not even the worst Appletards could possibly give it any credence.

    • lowtolerance

      “The threat right now is that Apple has gained a huge amount of market share, and has a relatively obvious pathway towards entering the living room with their platform. I think that there’s a scenario where we see sort of a dumbed down living room platform emerging — I think Apple rolls the console guys really easily.”

      -A̶p̶p̶l̶e̶t̶a̶r̶d̶ Gabe Newell

  • Grungebreath

    “Shaping up to be a killer gaming console”?
    It’s barely even a console, you kool-aid sipping mac-tard. You don’t even have the hardware specs yet!

    Hilariously bad piece of “journalism”.

  • Buuboi

    Really what mobile game can get me off my ps4??? None!!!…the only thing mobile games do is make me play them for like a week and I’m done with it the mobile games gets so boring after that is nothing compared to console games.

  • rick131

    Wow, Apple is finally going to move up to be on par with a Microsoft product.

    • Lazermn

      On par with a Microsoft product from 8 years ago…….

      • Whocares

        Same situation as MS moved up to Sony (PlayStation) years before. Where is they’re standing now.

      • Lazermn

        Your comment makes no sense. Are you staying the Microsoft’s Xbox was not on par with the PS2? The Xbox had more power and capabilities. What I think your saying would be like saying the Super NES is better than the PS2 which is just dumb.

  • virduk

    I imagine the hardware won’t even compete with the shield console, let alone the sony and ms consoles.

  • Armond

    Will it play Bloodborne? MGS5? Halo 5, Starwars BattleFront 3? Rainbow Six Seige? The Devision? Not mans Sky? and every other game on ps4 or xbox ? dint think so fuck off you uneducated ignoramus.

    • Garrett Fahey

      Jesus, leave your mom’s basement for a bit and get some air.

      • S.T.W

        Be real dude so far every “microconsole” has been a failure. This system will likely follow suit. What is the market for these systems? Cores gamers outright hate them. Casuals have no incentive to buy them, as the games are easily played on a phone or tablet. If someone wanted to buy a console they would buy one with Core games, as the person above you listed.

      • Garrett Fahey

        Yes, you may be right. My comment was in regards to the unnecessary hostility displayed in the previous comment, not the potential as the Apple TV as a gaming console.

      • scxfan

        Comparing it to OUYA?


        Really none of these “micro-consoles” have had a true app store, able to play games, and have had good quality streaming services. Apple has the eco-sytem. iTunes, Apple Music which will run on this and a strong OS that runs it all.

        Noone has had the complete package or the motivation to see it trough.

        Maybe it still does not o well but it will do far better than anyone else.

    • Ty’s Blog

      Technically, it could play No Man’s Sky, since that game is pretty simplistic in visual design.

      As for why you would want to play No Man’s Sky, or any game for that matter, on an Apple device with outdated and gimmicky controls, is beyond me. Sure, the Wii’s main selling point was it low cost and motion functionality, but that came out nine years ago. We’ve gone through an entire console generation since then, and are now moving into the realm of virtual reality gaming. Microsoft’s Hololens, Sony’s Project Morpheus. Not to mention the various technologies over on the PC front, like the Oculus Rift and Steam VR.

      Apple is literally a whole generation behind, both in regards to raw technology, and trend acceptance. Most consumers don’t want a decade old gimmick to play iOS games, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      • Jeff Jarods

        Yes sir I’m going to Playstation experience in Frisco finally get a chance to try out morpheus and my next casino vip gift is already locked in for oculus rift retail version so I’ll have it day one

    • Whocares

      If you think Apple will make ATV a full game console, you’re an idiot. Apple wouldn’t be interested in game console but only extend full iOS (sort of) to ATV for game supports. However, their focus is on TV programs, Smart home and media subscriptions which is 100x more revenue than game subscriptions.

    • scxfan

      Of course the PS4 will play games better. Certainly has more power.

      But for pretty much anything else, I bet the new Apple TV will be of at least equal and likely superior in a number of areas.

  • KaiXperiaZ1

    LOL to the writer of this article.
    When I saw Xbox and Playstation in the headline, I immediately thought of Xbox One and PS4, not Xbox360 and PS3. AppleTV sounds like a joke to me.

    • scxfan

      The console guys are sure getting their panties in a knot.

      Why are you all feeling threatened.

      I love my PS4 but not getting in a twist over this.

  • Garrett Fahey

    I didn’t realize these gamers were such a testy bunch.

    • Jeff Jarods

      Gamers are the MOST testy bunch out there i thought everyone knew that

      • Ty’s Blog

        I don’t know, Trekkies are pretty out there, as are car enthusiasts. Having a passion for something is fine, so long as it doesn’t become an obsession.

      • Jeff Jarods

        Exactly those fanboys piss me off I don’t care what system your routing for

  • Alex Kokonas

    Well I’m excited to own one of these. I have all 3 consoles but to play games that I’ve purchased on my iOS devices on a TV with a (hopefully) Bluetooth controller kinda excites me. There are some great iOS games that can be much more enjoyable with a controller instead of touch controls. And if I don’t have to rebuy all these games and they just upscale to 1080p on my tv than I’m pumped. It’s good to have a separate experience like this and I don’t think Apple wants to compete with Sony or Microsoft but they realize there’s a lot of money to be made with small games playable on a TV.

    • Spidouz

      Not even counting on one simple tiny detail: Ability of Apple to renew a product every single year to increase its power (just like they do with the iPhone, iPad, Macs, etc…). Right now, with a A8 or A9 processor, the future new Apple TV might not have the power of the PS4 or Xbox One… sure. But it will still be a great device for all “Living Room” task, such Home Kit, Video streaming, access to your iCloud content, and have some Games directly from the App Store. Once they have an App Store on your “Living Room” device, developers could use this device for things Apple probably even didn’t even think about it in the first place (like the iPhone wasn’t supposed to be a mobile game console… but really is now and is just as powerful as any mobile game console from Sony or Nintendo). So, few generation from now, Apple can easily update the Apple TV with an A10, A11… A12 processor that could be on par with modern and current game console that have a life cycle over 5, 6 or even 7 years. Game consoles manufacturers wants you to buy and rebuy games because they’re not really making much money from the consoles… So they can’t have a 1 year upgrade cycle with a new product that could still use your previous purchase (like we do with the iPhone/iPad). So, in a long run Apple could easily have a valid point and enter in the game market… mainly when you could buy a game and play it on all your devices without rebuying it. That’s actually what Microsoft also do with Windows 10 and the Xbox app in Windows 10. It doesn’t seem to be perfectly transparent to run Xbox games on any Windows 10 devices, it seems more likely to be a VNC system, but still… Therefor, Apple could have something interesting there and even if it’s not perfectly in competition with current game consoles, they can definitely have a plan to not only be in competition, but also lead the market. Apple is not entering in any market if they can’t be sure to lead it. Few years from now, everyone was laughing at the iPhone launch… thinking it was crazy and would never take over Blackberry, Nokia and Windows SmartPhone… Well where are they now? Game Console fanboys can think Apple will _never_ take over the Playstation or the Xbox, but they might be surprised in the future. Sega and Nintendo were also sure to never be take over when Playstation or Microsoft came in the came… I’m just saying! Everyone should think in a long run. Apple definitely has a card to play here…

      • happygodavid

        Good point, Spidouz. I’ve been hoping for a beefy Apple TV for years. Seems they may be on track to make it happen. I’m guessing this particular iteration won’t compete with current-gen consoles in terms of power, but it is feasible the new model is a small step in that direction. For now, I’ll keep my Xbox One, buy a new ATV (who cares if it doesn’t match the horsepower of an XBO or PS4?) and hope that at some point in the future, Apple will release an ATV that may serve as a replacement box for every other box attached to the TV. Here’s hoping this new gen ATV is a step in that direction.

      • Spidouz

        Exactly, and that’s what they could be. Sell Apple TV to people that are not necessarily looking for a Game Console first… but want a “Living Room Experience” device… and some casual games. And once the platform is there, the app store is there, they can increase power and features to extend this market to new market… with a very large customer base. Millions and millions of users that could attract a lot of developers, making apps that could be used in the future Apple TV that will have more power to run bigger games that could go on par with modern consoles. And by the time we will see a Playstation 5 or a future Xbox, Apple will have catch the power since they will use desktop class CPU and GPU… and could even keep doubling power every 1 or 2 years with a shorter life cycle. Something current game consoles can’t. Mark my words ;)

      • happygodavid

        You nailed it, dude! I’m completely with you, and I hope we’re right in a few years!

  • Jump Steady


  • Pierre Dalumpines

    It’ll kill current-gen dedicated game consoles with a 2-button controller playing Pac-Man? The hell you smoking, boy?

    • Whocares

      The same way iPhone killed the existed feature phone industry with no keyboard?

  • Wyatt

    You onviously have no idea what you are talking about when you say that this will be better than Xbox One and PS4. Lets not forget to mention PC gaming. Both Xbox and Playstation have been duking it out for all these years,, not even coming close to being better than PC. You go ahead and say that for the reason of having a powerful processor, it will somehow be better than the New gen consoles (yet you say that it will be on par with last gen). You also say that it will take over the gaming industry. I’m dombfounded by your sheer ignorance and utter fucking stupidity. You show minimal effort to show the arguement that the Apple TV gaming idea will be better and yet you have the balls to say it’ll be better than consoles MADE for gaming. I cannot describe how retarded this god forsaken article is but it just goes to show how poor of a job you did trying to write even a basic high school level arguement article.

  • James Roman

    So much wrong here. The Wii had its day, so expecting this to boast Wii-like attachment and developer support (or that of Xbox and PlayStation) is delusional. Also, funny that the title calls Apple TV an Xbox/PlayStation killer while showing the thing playing Pac-Man.

    • scxfan

      How do we know this new remote will mimic the Wii-mote?

    • scxfan

      So power is the most imortant thing?

  • Clark

    Even for an Apple-bias website, this is a completely idiotic article. A8, while fast and efficient, can NOT compete with the PS4/Xbox One’s AMD Jaguar processors in anyway possible. In addition, lots of the games on iOS aren’t meant to be games with huge environments (GTA V for example) or complex character-driven stories (Last of Us for example). There’s a reason why the picture above shows Pac-Man being played on an Apple TV, and that’s because it’ll be built for simple games like that.

  • This article was click bait. Apple TV will kill your PlayStation and Xbox. I didn’t notice their play on words til I started reading…on lar with ps3 and xbox 360. Lmao!! On par with consoles from 10 years ago??? That is some game changing tech there!!! Just stop with the click bait. It’s articles like these that will only lead me to believe your company doesn’t take their news seriously. Don’t try to beef up a headline to make a story. Just give it to us straight. I will respect the writer and news outlet more. So on that note I will never return here for news. And this will be my first and last post on this site. Good day. Peace bitches! Ha-ha

    • Whocares

      It worked wasn’t it? You guys clicked and posted…

      • Oh I openly admit I was got. Ha-ha! But fool me once… :-)

  • Fred

    Ha! It wont replacement anything. Like iPhone was ment take over?
    Is going to be expensive bit of gear with games 20 years old looking games. People will just buy chrome stick or wii instead or if they are serious gamer they stick with nxt gen!

  • Bailey Pope

    On par with 360 and ps3? Perhaps, but games would be nowhere near the same level. It will never play anything near the capabilities of current gen consoles and pc’s, and therefore will not ‘kill the ps4 and xb1’.

    And it has an A8 chip? Same as my iphone, and guess what? It is nowhere near capable of playing witcher and last of us arkham knight and mgstpp and etc.

    • scxfan

      So system power is the most important thing?

      Vita should have killed the 3DS then.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, man oh man. This is crappy journalism at its best.

  • lovethetech

    Cult of Mac. Never start a fight or a hot discussion with the XBOX or PS fans. U will end up losing . This is not soft Android or MS windows fans. lol!!

    • scxfan

      I bet the Apple TV will outsell the PS4 and XBONE combined.

  • Uncle Bug Music

    Even if you were referring to the original Xbox and PSOne, that clickbait title would be total bollocks. Apple TV won’t even kill the NES in terms of fun and gameplay. You’ve just succeeded ruining some poor kids life who’s been begging his parents for a next gen system and ignorant Mac dad says “Hold on, I say, now hold on there son, don’t go runnin off half-cocked, this here article says the new Apple TV is better than those expensive game systems you want! We’ll buy you that.”

  • skinned

    I’m interested for seeing what it’s going to be, but it won’t be killing either of those stems in gaming. Not a chance.

    As for non-gaming related things like media and apps, yes I believe it can kill them – but only if they bring an App Store to Apple TV like everyone has been wanting for years. The current AppleTVs suck due to limited options.

  • Dudamara Dudama

    It runs on par with last gen consoles, except with none of the licenses to run last gen console content. Yeah, we got a box that will totally kill the xbox 360 and ps3. Oh wait, this article is talking about killing the xbone and ps4……. 9_9

  • lowtolerance

    ITT: A bunch of console gamers who are apparently pretty insecure and more than a little salty about a potential console platform that doesn’t give a shit that they exist.

    • Wes Clark

      Nobody cares about the device, the article however, especially the click bait title, is atrocious. Read the comments, they’re is a clear narrative your are completely missing.

      • lowtolerance

        Right, because the comment section of a tech blog is a great place to get a general idea of how successful a potential Apple product will be. It couldn’t possibly be that the “narrative” you choose to believe doesn’t match up with Apple’s broader audience.

        “Nobody cares” about gaming on the Apple TV? That must be why the topic has been brought up on a weekly basis for a few years now, a general lack of interest. Are you for real?

        Of course, Apple TV isn’t going to convert console fanboys over to Apple’s ecosystem, at least not on the merits of its gaming capabilities. But, that’s missing the point, which is that Sony and MS are going to have a much harder time converting new, non-core gamers to their consoles when there exists a much cheaper, more accessible alternative.

        Console gaming is a relatively small market by Apple’s standards, but their App Store is definitive proof that there exists a HUGE market for casual gaming. You’d have to totally out of touch to believe that Apple couldn’t disrupt the console gaming industry in a big way with an entry like this.

      • Wes Clark

        That was a lot of writing just to say you agree with me. Most of it had nothing to do with my comment though.

      • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

        If the Wii is any indication, this ‘gaming’ device you are conjuring up in your mind will be nothing more than a netflix machine. The Wii sold bucket loads but software suffers. Most idevices games are only profitable due to its ‘ for retarded’……..i meant Free2play business model…..

        Calling it a gaming machine is like calling a Big Mac’s meat patty ‘beef’. Sure a big mac will sell alot more than a ribeye steak…but beef it ain’t.

  • Wes Clark

    Won’t even make a ripple in the console gaming community, but it’s great for mobile and casual gamers.

    • Spidouz

      In a short run, I don’t think it can. In a medium to long run, I definitely think they can… there’s so many technological reasons why they can, not only for casual gamers, but also for hardcore gamers.

      • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

        Let apple sort out its own IOS software team first…they can’t even sort out their OS, let alone develop software such as real games.

      • Spidouz

        Are you so insecure to feel freighted by what Apple could release or not to have a so limited imagination about the future and a so narrow point of view about technologies? That’s almost pathetic. If you can’t see how and why Apple could enter in the game market, and even how they can clearly become one of the major leading company on this market, I can’t help you… it would take way too much time to explain you some of the basics. People exactly like you had the exact same reaction when Apple came in the phone business… they were working for the Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phones teams. Anyway, sooner or later, you’ll understand, so no need to waste my time… it’s better to just sit, wait and see… Oh boy, it’s gonna be fun!

      • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

        And why does people like kept on thinking apple will dominate every market its in? Here’s news. Apple aint dominating the computing market, is neck to neck with android in smartphone, isnt even a blip in tv, and the taglet market is stagnant year over year. Why are people so justified that apple will dominate a market before even a product blueprint even exist? If i lack the ‘vision’, that you lack sanity. Sure, you will say ‘apple dominate everything in the past!’ …well, if 5000 years of china dynastic rule only to be toppled by the communist taught me anything, it’s that nothing is ‘eternal’. Apple can as much dominate the videogame market as much as it cease to exist within yhe next 20 years.

      • Spidouz

        Apple ain’t dominating the computing market; Apple ain’t dominating the smartphone market, etc… but Apple is still worth more than Google and Microsoft together. The iPhone all alone for Apple is worth more than all Microsoft branches put together, which includes Windows, Surface, Office, MSN, Xbox, Zune (ok ok, I’m joking), etc… Apple is not entering in any market if they don’t have any chance to lead it. But you’re right on one thing. Nothing is eternal… and that’s very true for Sega and Nintendo by the past, and it could be for Xbox and Playstation. That’s for sure, and Apple (as well as Android with Ouya-like future consoles) could be the reasons why Xbox and Playstation could cease to exist. So, let just wait and see and come back few years from now to see who’s right…

      • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

        your ‘worth’ is in terms of stock market and market capitalization. A value that can go either way in a single night. It’s not the cash in their bank. You do know that, do you?

  • Aannddyy

    I’ve been thinking about getting a PS4 but when I go looking for content I find a few interesting titles all costing $60 each that I need purchase at drive to store and then I must keep the disc clean and somewhere I can find it. I can’t stand having physical media that need caring for.
    I wonder what it would be like to have all my iPhone games on the AppleTV.
    I will wait to buy the PS4 until I see what Apple does.

    • Wes Clark

      All games are available to digitally download on both PS4 and Xbox One.

  • Callofbooty

    I’m wondering what the apple TV will do compared to all the other guys at a third the cost….150 – 200 dollar’s? Not going to happen in my home, unless they have something extraordinary going on….damn my phone does everything to my TV torrents streams, for the most part is glitch free

  • Balur

    That’s funny, you’re funny

  • Gyoz

    Totally possible that this will be a big hit beside hardcore gamers. We forget that iOS is already the number 1 platform for paid mobile gaming app and nobody was expecting this at the beginning.

    Having a dedicated hardware will have a huge support from the start for the system.

  • Micrones

    Thank Social media, This article writer calls himself a tech journalist!!! Cult of Mac has a bunch of clickbait writers including Luke which is a sad state…. half of their articles are junk, with this one as a good indication.
    Nothing thought provoking or insightful about this article but utter rubbish.
    Which also shows a bunch of these Apple focused blogs are so heavily focused on clickbaits these days

  • Stagester

    Pipe dream

  • hteng

    im not sure how this would even make a dent on the big 3 consoles, the specs aren’t even on par not even last gen, not to mention motion sensing controllers are kinda terrible.

  • Sylmaron

    This borders on being delusional.

    Just no.

  • yankeesusa

    Seriously? That’s the title this site chose for this article. Why not,”will apple tv become a great gaming console”. Man, this site just keeps on pushing the dumbest titles. Well sooner or later i’ll keep hitting a good article with a good title.

  • Dutch Monkey

    Wow. Did the author actually hit himself in the face with that load, or did it only make it to the top of his “Think Different” T-shirt?

  • Pedro Nuno

    Everything extra that may come with the Apple tv is a good thing. The ability to play iOS games on tv, great. The ability to play with physical joypad, great. Wii motion sensors, great. You don’t need super fast processors to have a killer system, you need great games and mobile games are not just casual games anymore, there are some pretty cool games out there. Wasn’t there some news about Nintendo going to make mobile games?. Who knows if they aren’t going to be involved with Apple and make their games for the new Apple tv :)

  • Sean McCabe

    The A8 processors are pretty powerful chips. It would be cool if you could play every app store game on your TV right away. Not every iOS game is only for casual gamers plus there are a ton of classics in the store like Mega Man X, Final Fantasy etc. If Apple is able to keep the price point at $100 or close to it then this will be very successful.

  • scxfan

    I have a PS4 and love it.

    But, this new Apple TV should do quite well.

    Won’t have graphics that compare but I think most of the other stuff can and will be superior to the PS4.

    The “hard core” will still likely want a PS4 or XBONE and that is fine.

    I want both.

  • scxfan

    The console guys sure got their panties in a bunch.

    I have a PS4 but will get the new Apple TV too.

    I have an open mind.

  • I do not desire nor need an Apple TV that plays games, although the capability of doing so could be an indication of it’s ability to run less taxing apps. I need an Apple TV that somehow “magically”, quickly and efficiently ties all my TV devices and TV controlling methodology with tech like Siri and apps that are designed for large screen viewing that exist harmoniously with existing TV content. Any other ideas of taking mobile-content and transitioning it onto a big screen, especially mobile games – see the failed Ouya with mobile-games or any Android micro-console or any streaming box – is not the best way to promote new and exciting possibilities for the television experience.