Just like the Apple Watch, this Mac app reminds you to stand up


Your Mac can help you get healthier with a free app called Stand.
Your Mac can help you get healthier with a free app called Stand.
Photo: Stand

Your Apple Watch tells you to stand up periodically to maintain your health. It’s a small feature, but it’s actually one of the Apple Watch’s killer apps.

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, though, you’re in luck. There’s a new app in town that does the same thing.

Stand is a new pay-what-you-want app for the Mac that does just one thing well: It tells you to stand up periodically throughout the day.

Unlike the Apple Watch, which pundits like Jim Dalrymple have called a great tool for getting in shape, Stand doesn’t actually track your standing. There are no gyroscopes, accelerometers or other sensors in your Mac to actually detect when you stand.

Instead, Stand is a simple timer app that reminds you at a user-specified minute on every hour to get up off your butt.

OK, sure. Stand is a pretty simple app. But simple apps can sometimes have a profound on influence on your well-being. Standing for just three hours every day, five days a week, has been shown to have the same health benefits as running 10 marathons a year. If you’re an out-of-shape desk jockey, Stand could help you get on the path to better health.

Even if you have an Apple Watch, Stand might be useful. It’s easy to ignore the standing reminder on the Apple Watch if you’re busy on your Mac; in that case, Stand for Mac is a great backup.

You can download Stand for Mac here.