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The makers of MacKeeper owe you a refund


ZeoBIT has to shell out $2 million in MacKeeper refunds.
ZeoBIT has to shell out $2 million in MacKeeper refunds.
Photo: ZeoBIT

The original developers behind the controversial Mac cleaning/scam software MacKeeper at ZeoBIT have entered into a settlement with customers, after losing class-action lawsuit filed against the company in May of 2014.

Customers who bought MacKeeper before July 8th are eligible to receive a refund for purchasing the security and performance program, as long as they file a claim for reimbursement before November 30th.

The class action suit filed against ZeoBIT alleged that the developers deceptively advertised MacKeeper, and made false claims about what it could fix. Under the proposed settlement reported by Macworld, ZeoBIT will put $2 million into a fund for those who want a refund, but the company won’t have to admit to any fault.

Court documents revealed that over 500,000 people have purchased MacKeeper in the U.S., with the price tag reaching as high as $39.95 for the Mac cleaning software. The Mac community has long held the controversial software in disdain, with some calling it a virus, while other claiming the software holds your Mac hostage until you pay up.

We did a feature on ZeoBIT’s appalling marketing tactics for MacKeeper three years ago and found that while many users hated the way the company advertised its software, the actual feature on MacKeeper received generally favorable reviews from esteemed Apple journalists.

ZeoBIT sold MacKeeper in April 2013 to Kromtech Alliance of Cologne, Germany. Kromtech could also be sued over MacKeeper, but a company spokesman recently said it’s working to address complaints with the software.

To file your claim, head over to the Yencha vs ZeoBIT class action settlement website.