Apple to hold iPhone 6s event on September 9th


The iPhone 6s event is just weeks away.
The iPhone 6s event is just weeks away.
Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

iPhone 6s rumor season is in full swing, but we won’t have to wait much longer until Apple reveals the real deal.

A fall iPhone 6s launch event is being planned for September 9, according to a new report that also reveals other products that will share the stage with Apple’s new smartphone.

“Sources say Apple executives are likely to show off the company’s latest iPads as well, though that 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’ seems to be a wildcard,” reports from Buzzfeed.

Apple hosted a separate October event to announce its new iPad lineup last fall, so it’s interesting that the new tablets will get stage time in September. Perhaps Apple is hoping some iPhone 6s hype will rub off on the iPad, which has had less-than-stellar sales the last year.

A radically upgraded Apple TV, with new features like an A8 processor, expanded memory, new remote and support for third-party apps, is also expected to make an appearance at the September 9 event.

New features expected to be added to the iPhone 6s include Force Touch, improved camera and faster wireless speeds.

  • Hydro Mac

    They might announce it but won’t be having it for sale, just like the new Apple TV announced back a few months ago but now it will be September 9.

    If your going to announce it have it for sale at that time or don’t bother announcing it at all.

    • Crow

      just new pricing on the Apple TV hydro thats it

  • there is news on applecontroll. com that says iphone 6s production has been delayed !!!!

    • Aannddyy

      I read that Apple won’t be making any more iPhones because they forgot how to do it.

      • please check those websites history about news and please check mine one also and please look for its validity !

  • A Wednesday, really, seems unlike Apple but there again the Monday is a federal holiday or maybe.

    • PMB01

      This isn’t that atypical. Apple has done events on Wednesdays before.

  • PMB01

    Nope. I can guarantee that you won’t see iPads at this event. They come in October with the new Macs like they have for the last couple years. And there won’t be any iPad Pro. You guys need to stop believing the dumb things these “analysts” say. The Apple TV is the wildcard here because it could come at either event.

  • Myiphonewillbeoutofdatesoon;(

    I think the iPads and Apple TV will come in October

  • Whocares

    12.9″ iPad? If true, it won’t be in this event but in October iPad event. ATV? It may be a “one more thing” in this event.

  • BoltmanLives

    Who cares? Apple is dying. No cloud.

    • winstonsmith39

      Back under your bridge, Mr Troll.