The Pink Lady iPhone Case Is One For The Girls [Review]



My sons are constantly stealing my iPhone to play their games, until I got the Pink Lady Mirror iPhone Case, which totally put them off. This iPhone case from USBfever screams girly!

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The Pink Lady is perfect for going out with so leave your compact at home. There is a mirror inside the top flap, which is the right size for last-minute touch ups or re-applying lipstick. The flip top has a magnetic closure, which makes for quick opening and secure closing. The iPhone is fully protected from bumps and the case provides easy access to all controls and switches.

The Pink Lady has a cute, detachable hand strap — colored pink, of course. It is perfect for carrying around at the club. You can even stuff your ID behind the phone. If it only had a place to store a lipstick tube, it would be even more perfect.

The USBfever Pink Lady Mirror Leather iPhone Case is for 3G/3GS iPhones only. It retails for $26.99 and comes in the most fabulous color combo ever! The cotton candy-colored suede lining offsets the high-grade black leather case beautifully.

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Model: Pink Lady Mirror Leather iPhone Case
Company: USBfever
Requirements:3G/3GS Models of iPhone
List Price: $26.99
Buy Now: The Pink Lady iPhone Case is available from Amazon for $26.99 plus shipping.