MoviePeg, The Coolest British iPhone Stand You’ve Seen All Week



From the wonderful city of Manchester – birthplace of The Smiths and The Fall, unfairly mocked as Rain Capital of England – comes something wonderful and simple for your iPhone: the MoviePeg.

It’s wonderful because it’s simple, and it’s simple because it’s really just a piece of plastic with a notch in it.

But since no-one else has thought of producing this particular piece of plastic with this particular notch, and in these particular colors – well, design company Magnetic North deserve some credit for it.


The MoviePeg currently costs five of our fine English pounds. Add a little for shipping and you can get one sent to the US for just over $10.

Keep an eye on the MoviePeg Twitter stream for other tips; apparently the existing model fits a Nexus One quite well, which is good to know if you’re one of the two guys who’ve bought one. More colors and styles will follow later this year. MoviePeg for iPad, perhaps? I’d be willing to bet on it.