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Find your way out of the subway faster with Apple Maps


Now you can figure out which of the 4 different doors out of the subway is best.
Now you can figure out which of the subway exits is best.
Photo: Apple

If you’ve ever taken a ride on an unfamiliar city’s subway or transit system, you know how confusing it can be to know which specific exit to use to find the right above ground location you need to get to where you’re going.

In the upcoming iOS 9, Apple Maps aims to help you out with a subtle yet extremely useful feature: it will tell you which exit to take when you’re using the Transit option, also new to iOS 9.

Taking the best exit from the subway is important in big cities like San Francisco or New York, and might make the difference between getting to your destination on time or missing another above ground connection.

Currently, Apple Maps users must tap over to a rival platform like Google Maps or a third party app like Transit, to get any kind of public transportation navigation help.

iOS 9 is adding data for buses, subways, and other forms of public transit. With this new feature, it leaps ahead of the competition, which as of now won’t tell you which specific exit you should leave by.

Apple Maps will also get some Siri functionality, letting you invoke Apple’s personal assistant to ask for directions, instead of having to type or dictate your destination into the Maps app itself. There’s also a new feature called Nearby, which will show you several categories and nearby places to help you find stuff you want or need.

You’ll be able to get public transportation directions in Apple Maps starting in Baltimore, Chicago, Berlin, London, Mexico City, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington DC. More cities should come online thereafter.

Source: Business Insider