Taylor Swift is bringing ‘1989’ to Apple Music


'1989' is coming to Apple Music
'1989' is coming to Apple Music
Photo: Taylor Swift

After waging a war against Apple Music in the name of indie artists, Taylor Swift has finally decided that she will let fans stream her newest album, 1989, on Apple Music when the service launches last week.

Swift announced her decision to make the album available on Twitter this morning, saying it’s the first time she’s felt right in her gut that now is the time to embrace streaming.

If you’re wondering if Taylor might have inked an exclusivety deal with Apple Music, a la Drake and Beyonce, Taylor says it’s totally not. “This is simply the first time it’s felt right in my gut to stream my album,” Swift tweeted. “Thank you, Apple, for your change of heart.”

Taylor hasn’t said whether she’ll bring the album to other services like Spotify and Rdio as well, after she left ‘1989’ off because of the services free trial period. In an open letter to Apple, Swift informed the public she planned to boycott Apple Music as well because the free three month trial period didn’t pay artists any royalties.

Now that Eddy Cue has mended fences by promising to pay artists during the free trial period at the same rate as Spotify, Swift is ready to give Apple Music a killer feature Spotify can’t match: her music.