What the Elle? Style bible likens Apple Watch to Birkenstocks


Yes, you should buy an Apple Watch.
Yes, you should buy an Apple Watch.
Photo: Beyonce/Twitter

Elle fashion magazine thinks you should totally buy an Apple Watch.

While some early tech reviewers have recently panned the device two months after launch, Elle magazine’s Lauren Sherman says after telling people for weeks that they should probably wait for version two, she’s changed her mind. She’s fallen in love with it. And yes, you should buy an Apple Watch too, but probably not for the reasons you’re thinking.

In her review, Sherman says the Apple Watch is for curious people, but it could still use a little work in the fashion department:

“I happen to like the way it looks, although I’d say the Apple Watch is more akin to Birkenstocks than Manolos, It’s how it makes you feel—not look—that really matters.

I also love it because being an early adopter is fun. Another friend of mine with an Apple Watch…said his choice to make the purchase was easy. The Apple Watch represents the future, so why not start enjoying the future now?”

As someone who wears Birkenstocks almost too often, I think the comparison is pretty fitting. Apple Watch isn’t the most fashionable timepiece you can wear. It almost never matches your outfit. But it’s so much more useful than anything else you can strap to your wrist, so why not love it?

The fashion bible’s high praise is a big score for Apple which has tried to market the device as a fashion piece as much as a tech item. Other fashion mags such as Self and Vogue have also featured the Apple Watch in previous issues to market it to the fashion world.

Elle confesses that the Apple Watch definitely is not perfect. Useless third-party apps, and the clammy/sweaty Sport band are on her list of negatives, but Apple’s native apps and fitness features and health sensors make up for it.

It’s also just really freaking good at telling time.

“If you’re a curious, interested person with $350 to spare, go for it,” writes Sherman. “The Apple Watch might not turn your life upside down the way the iPhone did, but it will change it. For the better.”

Source: Elle