Hidden iOS 9 keyboard practically confirms iPad Pro is coming


You can now turn your iPad keyboard into a trackpad.
You can now turn your iPad keyboard into a trackpad.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s giant iPad has been one of the rumor mill’s favorite products to gossip about for years, even though no one has seen so much as a chamfered edge of its supposed 12-inch display. However, some assets hidden inside iOS 9 indicate that the new tablet — often referred to as the “iPad Pro” — could make an appearance soon.

According to a developer who’s been digging through iOS 9, the new keyboard scales to a much larger screen size than we’ve seen so far. When the new keyboard is enlarged, it adds an extra row of keys, hinting that Apple’s monstrous new tablet could rear its head in the near future.

Check it out:

Enlarge UIKeyboard with extra row of symbol keys
Enlarge UIKeyboard with extra row of symbol keys.
Photo: Steve Smith

Steve Troughton-Smith discovered the enlarged keyboard this morning, along with a few other interesting bits that may indicate that gaming will indeed come to Apple TV (if it ever makes it out of the lab).

The larger iPad keyboard automatically adds a row of symbols at the top in primary view, or switches to numbers in the secondary view. It also sports wider keys, plus caps lock and tab keys on the side, making the iPad a much better typing companion than before.

Rumors regarding the iPad Pro’s release date have been all over the place for the past few years, but with the addition of Split View and Slide Over to iOS 9, it appears Apple is finally ready to transform its tablet into a better productivity machine.

Other iPad Pro features might include USB-C, a special stylus, NFC, Force Touch and an A9 processor.

Source: Twitter