Apple Watch takes Olympic-size plunge in waterproofing tests

Apple Watch takes an Olympic-size plunge, lives to tell about it


Apple Watch is ready to take the plunge. Photo: DC Rainmaker
Apple Watch is ready to take the plunge. Photo: DC Rainmaker

Summertime is finally upon us, and here in the Valley of the Sun, that mostly means one thing: cliff-jumping season.

I’ve been worried that my Apple Watch might not survive some of the 50-foot cliffs my friends and I like to hurl ourselves off of, but the folks at DC Rainmaker have put the waterproofing of Apple’s new wearable to the test by jumping off an Olympic diving platform. Despite momentarily being exposed to water deeper than the 1 meter it’s rated for, the Apple Watch keeps on ticking.

Watch the full test below:

Before taking Apple Watch off the high-dive, Ray from DC Rainmaker also took the device for some lap swimming, which is harder to waterproof against than just water immersion. The heart rate monitor of the Apple Watch was pretty unreliable during the swim, spitting out random readings from 70 beats per minute to over 200 BPM. That’s to be expected when using Apple Watch in water, but everything else seemed to work great after a 1,000-meter swim.