Apple Watch teardown reveals tiny device’s biggest secrets


The Apple Watch next to a classic mechanical watch. Photo: iFixit

The folks at iFixit wasted no time gutting their new Apple timepiece.

Their Apple Watch teardown confirms that the device comes with a hidden diagnostic port. They’ve also exposed the watch’s Taptic Engine, located the tiny battery, and found some gold highlights on the Apple Watch Sport.

Check it out:

Inside the band slots


Notice the discreet port cover that can be removed with a paperclip or SIM ejector tool.

Removing the display


The Apple Watch display uses a connection similar to the iPhone 5s Touch ID cable cover that places the wires under a springy bracket.

The Taptic Engine


Looks like there’s some gold at the top, too — probably for an antenna.

Apple Watch battery


This little lithium-ion battery powers the Apple Watch. No gears needed.

Source: iFixit

  • itsgene

    What is interesting is, when looking closely at the teardown images… that hidden port doesn’t seem to have any connections within the case. There are no ribbon cables or other connectors attached to it. It’s just covered over on the outside AND inside.