Regret your Apple Watch band? Apple will let you swap it out


You can swap out bands within 14 days if you regret your choice. Source: Apple
You can swap out bands within 14 days if you regret your choice. Photo: Apple

If you regret the band you chose for your Apple Watch when you ordered it online, don’t sweat it: Apple will allow you to return it within 14 days for another band. But there’s a few caveats.

According to a new internal employee training document published on Macrumors, band swaps are available for the Apple Watch Sport and stainless steel Apple Watch, but won’t be available for the far pricier Apple Watch Edition.

There are other rules. The Apple Watch must be purchased within the last 14 days, and the new band that you choose has to be within the same collection as the Apple Watch you chose, which means no free Milanese Loop for your Apple Watch Sport. The Apple Watch must also have been purchased directly from Apple, either in-store, at a kiosk, or through the Apple Store app.

Band swaps won’t be done entirely in store, which is weird, but is probably related to supply constraints. The process is that, upon going into an Apple Store, an Apple representative will confirm your Apple Watch is still within the 14 day return window, then initiate a swap through the Online Store call center. Customer support representatives will then order a new band, ship it out to the custom, and give instructions on how to return the old band.

It seems like a lot of loops to jump through, but with even cheap Apple Watch bands costing as much as $50, it’ll probably be worth it, especially if you’ve been kicking yourself for the last week and a half for ordering that dumb pink Apple Watch Sport band.

Source: Macrumors