Beyonce shows off Apple Watch band you can’t have at Coachella


yonce watch
Photo: Beyonce

The latest celebrity to flaunt an Apple Watch is none other than Queen B herself. Today Beyonce posted photos of herself at Coachella wearing the 18-karat Apple Watch Edition and a custom band you can’t buy.

One of iTunes’ most beloved artists has a solid gold link bracelet for the Watch that Apple doesn’t sell officially. And it probably costs more than the Edition itself.

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was photographed with the same Watch/band combo last week. The most expensive Apple Watch you can buy in an Apple Store costs $17,000 with a leather band and solid gold buckle. Apple’s steel link bracelet is already its most expensive brand at nearly $500, so a solid gold model has to be insanely expensive.

Beyonce joins a list of A-listers like Pharrell, Katy Perry, Drake and Sam Smith who were all given an Apple Watch before its April 24th release.

Jony Ive debuted a bunch of custom Apple Watch band colors in Milan last week, so it looks like Apple will continue outfitting celebrities with exclusive band configurations for the foreseeable future.

  • Randy The Molester

    Well that’s nice. Rich people with crappy music have there watch while the rest of us wait for our order status to change to shipped! Thanks Apple for thinking of the people who help make your money.

    • AAPL.To.Break.$130.Soon>:-)

      The working word is “rich”. Better luck in your next lifetime.

      • Guest


    • Robert.Walter

      Boo hoo. Try to understand the concept of advertising and product placement.

      • Randy The Molester

        Wow don’t have to be a dick about it.

      • Robert.Walter

        Sure, but with such an engraved invitation, I couldn’t resist.

    • Guest

      Probably best for you not to think about the fact that she’s sitting in a private jet while in possession of said Apple Watch you will never possess. :-)

  • Doug Trace

    Not for nothin, but she’s wearing it wrong. It’s on her right hand and the digital crown is also on the right side. So she has to reach across the watch face to turn the crown. Probably doesn’t realize she can flip it over and the face will adjust. :o/

    • Padma Sana

      …and again the world works against us lefties.

  • BreckG

    too bad the watch looks awkward on her right wrist. perhaps she is she left handed. one might speculate that at the current apple watch [edition] price point, one might have the option to custom order a watch for left handed people with the crown located on the (user friendly) dominant left hand side. but hopefully there will be the option to rotate the watch physically with a user settings option to rotate the display 180º.

    • Alguien

      That option exist, she’s just wearing it wrong :/

  • T

    Is it just me that thinks it’s a weird situation where the people who can afford to buy Editions are the ones who are given it for free? Celebrities, Movie Stars, Musicians etc could all buy them hundreds of times over but never actually pay a penny for them.
    I know its obvious why (advertising) but its still annoying that the people who actually have to pay for them (us) are the ones who could probably do with it for free :-) Bit of a paradox is all.

    • Taylor

      Just like the club: If you’ve got money, you get in for free!

  • Padma Sana

    Thank you, kind human.