18 things we learned from the new Star Wars trailer (with GIFs)

18 things we learned from the new Star Wars trailer


"Chewie, we're home." Photo: Disney

J.J. Abrams whetted our appetite for more lightsaber dueling action with the first Episode VII teaser last year, but today’s release of a new trailer has got us counting down the days until Christmas.

We’re still eight months away from Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ public release, and while plot details for the highly anticipated movie are being kept under wraps, there’s a ton of fresh info to glean from the new trailer. We’ve diced the entire trailer up into GIFs so you can rewatch each scene to look for new clues.

Here are 18 things we learned from the new trailer:

The Galactic Civil War isn’t quiet be over yet


The Empire is still alive in some form and now calls itself “the First Order.” Notice how their insignia has changed


They’ve got some new Star Destroyers


And they’ve got some new, mean-looking dudes fighting for themspecialdude


The Resistance is still kicking ass in their X-Wings



There’s a new team ready to stop the Empire

John Boyega as Finn, who may or may not be a real stormtrooper


Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron


Daisy Ridley as Rey (no last name yet)


Rey and Finn get into some trouble on a desert planet that J.J. Abrams say is not Tatooine


Finn may have escaped in this rogue TIE fighter that’s blowing up the placerogue-tie-bomber


 Kylo Ren is the new Sith bad guy with a lightsaber inspired by Jony Ive


His Sith mask looks a lot like Darth Revan’s from Knights of the Old Republic


Han and Chewie are back home


They’re still dodging the Empire by hiding in trash


Luke and R2 are back in action too


BB-8 is taking R2’s spot as the cutest droid in the galaxy


Luke’s old lightsaber plays a big role in the plot


The ghost of Darth Vader looms large. Will he make an appearance?


What did you see?

Spot something in the new trailer that we missed? Watch it for yourself and drop your Star Wars bits below in the comments.