iOS 8.3 is out with racially diverse emoji, new Siri languages, and more


A new day, a new iOS bug...
iOS 8.3 is here. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple released the third major update to iOS 8 today with the public launch of 8.3, which brings a host of new features to iPhones and iPads.

The iOS 8.3 update is available as an over-the-air update or via iTunes. Some of the new features include racially diverse emoji, two-factor authentication for Google, new Siri languages, and tons of bug fixes.

Here’s a run down of the biggest features you’ll find:

Diverse emoji


Almost all of the human emojis can be modified – including minor ones like surfer, swimmer, and runner – but Apple still hasn’t added the skin tone modifiers to the family emojis.

Wireless CarPlay


A new CarPlay section has been added to the Settings menu that makes it easier to set up CarPlay wirelessly. If you have a car that supports wireless CarPlay, you can now press and hold the voice-control button on your steering wheel to start the CarPlay setup process.

New Emoji layout


Consistent with the update just rolled out in OS X 10.10.3, Apple has put all emojis on a single scrollable page. All the emoji are still divided into sections, but you won’t have to jump around looking for the perfect pictogram to go with your text.

Google Two-Factor authorization


Support for Google’s two-factor login has been added for iOS users that prefer Gmail and Google Calendar.

Apple Pay for China

This is only big news if you live in mainland China, but iOS 8.3 finally adds support for Apple Pay on UnionPay, bringing Apple’s mobile wallet to the country with the most iPhone 6 owners in the world.

New Siri languages

Siri speaks even more languages in iOS 8.3. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Siri speaks even more languages in iOS 8.3. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

The full list of new languages for Siri includes Russian, Danish, Dutch, Thai, Turkish, Swedish and Portuguese. In addition to learning these, the virtual assistant also supports more English-speaking regions, such as New Zealand.

  • Tin Tin

    I hope this also addresses my black screen issue. Has anyone else experienced that with the previous iOS 8? My screen just decides to go black on me and I have to lock/unlock a few times well before I can see the screen again. It still continues after I did a complete reset of the device.

    • Chris Jones

      Not had that issue!

    • Scott Landis

      Yeah, I’ve had that issue on multiple devices including one a few days after I bought it. I defiantly noticed it more on 8.2 than anywhere else.

  • Me

    It sound like a battery poor condition problem, Tin tin

  • Anonymous

    And of course Xcode hasn’t been updated for iOS 8.3 yet…..although I’m not sure if it really matters if these are the only things that are new

  • Yawn. Still *many* Apple-acknowledged bugs not fixed since 7.0 in spite of registered complaints by users AND developers through proper channels.

    • Bh

      Where do you find theist offices?

  • charlesrhamilton

    WiFi fix?

    • Chris Jones

      It says yes! There’s a HUGE list of fixes. The largest I’ve ever seen actually.

  • Mark H.

    Russian Siri should be “Masha” :)

  • Mateo M

    I am saddened to see Apple spending time on new emojis in OSX and IOS. Siri needs a major upgrade before it goes out to other languages. I have stopped using Siri entirely. If I need to speak something, I use the Google app.
    In addition to Siri, iTunes needs to be rethought from the ground up. Many of my coworkers refuse to buy and iPhone simply because of iTunes.

    • Jose Alves Fernandes

      same here!

    • jordan2611

      same and this post is total Bullshit. Carplay NOT WORKING WHATSOEVER IN UK….Total lies lol

  • szpaku

    Siri in Polish.

  • Jose Alves Fernandes

    Siri is in Portuguese from Brazil, but the real Portuguese language is from Portugal! Why Apple doesn’t support Portuguese language???

    • The joker

      Brazil is more important. Nobody really cares about Portugal. Contribute something to the world then Apple will add you guys to Siri.

      • Jose Alves Fernandes

        Ignorante! Ahahahah

  • jordan2611

    CARPLAY NOT SHOWING-UP in settings/General tab on my iPhone 6…also drive a 15 plate Merc A-Class with Carplay button on wheel….still not seeing the aove carplay setup anywhere….im in UK so this post is utter bollocks im afraid :(

  • Undivided

    I for one wish hypocrit Tim cook would have allowed us to remove certain emojis that are offensive. I know I can remove the emoji keyboard, but would have liked to have the CHOICE to exclude what I deem offensive. I have children who use idevices and I am sick and tired of having certain lifestyles rammed down my throat. So I guess I am removing the emoji keyboard.

    • “Certain lifestyles”?!?! WTF? LOL… and you would have “liked to have the CHOICE to exclude what [you] deem offensive.”… and what, just what, pray tell is that? Judging by the way you’ve worded your comment it isn’t the little harmless poop emoji is it. It’s no stretch to guess your religion, political affiliation, gender, probably your age, and definitely your penchant for unbridled bigotry against a particular segment of the population. Good job using this site as a platform to parade your open-mindedness. The world can’t be rid of this self-righteous, ignorant, hate-mongering attitude soon enough. If you don’t like the emojis, DON’T FRIGGIN’ USE THEM.

      • Michael

        Why is it not okay to offend you, but it is to offend me?

    • gjbrugman

      How in …s name can someone get offended by an emoji…

      • Wirehedd

        Childish bigoted entitlement.

    • The joker

      Give an example please

    • Janet

      I wish I could delete them as well!!! Our society spends so much time making sure that certain groups arent offeded and in turn offend others in the process! I dont want to see gay emojis – it goes against my religious beliefs and personal lifestyle choice! I should have that right as well!

      • Wirehedd

        as soon as the world doesn’t have to deal with bigots you won’t have a problem with gay folk.

  • Sophie

    As a Dane, I was looking forward to – finally! – getting Siri in Danish. Seriously…it’s laughable. Siri stutters and sounds as if she has s severe speech impairment in Danish, most words are grossly mispronounced and the ability to recognize even simple commands in Danish is very impaired. It’s like Google-translated Siri. Really, Apple, don’t bother releasing Siri in other languages if you do it this half-heartedly.

    • The joker

      Nobody cares about the Danish. I’m surprised Apple wasted their time with it. Learn a different language that the world actually cares about is my advice.

  • BH

    What happens if I don’t want all those languages and emojos taking up memory on my IPAD? What Cani do?

  • Gary Ward

    With the upgrade on an iPad Air, received the new emoji layout but I did not get racially diverse emoji, they are all of the Caucasian variety, how did Apple know that I only needed or wanted one race?

  • Scothibb

    Who were they trying to represent with that dark-piss-yellow facial option, jaundice Asians? Someone help me here.