New pictures reveal Apple Watch packaging and charging station


Photo: Cult of Mac

Just three days before Apple’s smartwatch will be on display in stores around the world, new pictures have revealed what Apple Watch packaging will look like.

Images of the Apple Watch box, which doubles as a charging stand, were posted on Instagram today. With the first review units already out in the wild, we’re learning new details about the Apple Watch nearly every day, like how Apple Watch bands will be packaged.

Here’s a glimpse of the Apple Watch band boxes:


“Packaging for the Apple Watch is top notch… Like every Apple product,” says Jeremy Gan, a Daily Mail employee who posted the pictures on Instagram. Gan also noted that he likes the leather straps, but the stainless steel looks and feels better on the wrist.

The pictures could be fake, but early units of the Apple Watch have already been sent out to reviewers and celebrities. Pharrell flashed his gold Apple Watch Edition during The Voice last night and also published a one-word review on Instagram. As for Gan’s review, he says Apple Watch is weird, but in a good way.

“Weirdest thing I’ve messed around with in a while,” Gan wrote. “Feels and worked a whole lot better than I thought it would. Now I got something to think about.”

Apple Watch preorders start April 10 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific, with the first units hitting shelves April 24. Here’s another look at the box yours might come in.


9 responses to “New pictures reveal Apple Watch packaging and charging station”

  1. Chris Jones says:

    Don’t think this is a charging stand, they hinted that was only for the Edition. Also, it doesn’t look like a charging stand. That looks more like the packaging to me.

    • Alborz says:

      exactly my thoughts.

    • kevinkee says:

      It is just part of packaging, you are right. Watch and Sport do not have stand, they have charging disc that attach to the back of your watch magnetically. Only Edition is provided with stand which looks way more elegant that that in the picture.

    • David Allen says:

      I think that it is a charging stand, a rudimentary one. It seems very much something that Jony Ive and Angela Ahrendts would want to do to double purpose the packaging. As opposed to the $30 – $80 ideas 3rd parties have come up with so far.

  2. Turtle Heart says:

    zero = zero (iGarbage for iFools)

  3. Really beautiful. All the photos and video reviews coming out today look amazing. Once we get all the apps and games out into the wild, I think everyone will start seeing the potential of the Apple Watch.

  4. Michael Schoening says:

    does anybody know if it come with a wall plug or not?

    • David Allen says:

      The What’s in the box section at the bottom of each Apple Watch version’s page states the box includes the Apple watch charger discus to USB cable and a USB wall charger. The cable is about a meter long and the charger in photos I have seen is the iPhone-style charger.