This ‘Project Titan’ Apple car concept has mind of its own


AppleCarFront34_v003 (1)
This winning Apple car concept looks totally Cupertino. Photo: Aristomenis Tsirbas/Freelancer

Apple’s secret electric car project won’t be hitting highways for at least another five years (if ever), but that’s not stopping concept artists from dreaming up what a Project Titan vehicle might look like.

The folks at Freelancer held an Apple concept car contest this week, with the winner taking home a $1,500 prize. Top honors went to this semi-autonomous electric car concept from Aristomenis Tsirbas that oozes with Apple’s traditional minimalist design. Other features include custom LED head and tail lights, and discreet hatch doors that open laterally.

Here’s a look with the doors open:


Apple has not made any official comments on whether it’s actually planning to enter the auto business; however, reports have claimed the company has built a team of up to 1,000 Apple employees to work on an electric car. Tesla and Mercedes have become Apple’s new poaching grounds as Cupertino looks to secure auto experts for the team, as well as poaching Apple employees from other projects.

Tim Cook supposedly wants the Apple car on the road by 2020 and the company has started putting together a large-scale battery division in anticipation of a possible vehicle’s upcoming energy needs.


Source: Aristomenis Tsirbas

  • Hildebrand

    What if Apple would do something really new? What about a 6-person self driving minivan that would work as a complete door-to-door public transportation service? What if it picks you up like an Uber taxi, but picks up other people as well, lets you switch vehicles at hubs and takes you anywhere fast at a low price?

    • phreeon

      So, you want Apple to start making taxi cabs?

      • Hildebrand

        I wouldn’t call it a cab, but I think it could be the perfect mix of a self driving car, a cab, a bus and even a train (imagine 10 of those 6-seaters driving linked together on the highway). It could be very cost effective, because it has no driver. And it replaces cars, taxis, busses, trains, etc.

  • CPUGenuis

    So, would the apple car always have a broken windshield? Because that seems to be the previous issue with previous products?

    • DigitalBeach

      Huh? Apple doesn’t have previous products that have wind shields.

  • Guest

    they would figure out a way to have the wheels rotate and show the Apple loo.

    • Noel Blackman

      Rolls-Royce already does that….

  • Greg_the_Rugger

    Those wheels are the size of bus in proportion to the size of the cabin seats. You might as well make the vehicle as long as a bus so more people can fit in.

  • Ugly as a shit