iPad selfie sticks have officially become a thing


Don't do this. Photo: AccessoryGeeks
Don't do this. Photo: AccessoryGeeks

I’m still on the fence over whether society should allow monopod poles selfie sticks to exists, but this latest invention is pushing me over to the “hell no” side of the argument.

For those who need a giant viewfinder to fit their egos in their selfies, the folks over at AccessoryGeeks have come up with a brilliant solution that allows you to strap tablets as big as the iPad Air 2 to your selfie stick. The company says its sticks are durable enough to handle the iPad’s extra weight, but you’re probably going to need to hit the gym so your muscles can handle it.

The iPad selfie stick only costs $18.99. Comes in two colors. And will earn your scornful looks from everyone in public.

Source: Accessory Geeks