"Microsoft tech support" scammer threatens murder

‘Microsoft tech support’ scammer threatens murder in Canada


A scammer pretending to be a Microsoft employee threatened to murder someone who disbelieved his credentials. Image: WMKY
A scammer pretending to be a Microsoft employee threatened to murder someone who didn't believe his credentials. Photo: WMKY

Apple’s customer service is tops. Go into any Apple Store, and a Genius will be happy to assist you with even the most trivial of technical support problems.

I bet the guy on the other end of a call from an alleged Microsoft tech support guru wished he was talking to an Apple Genius instead. The “support” guy turned out to be a scammer, and when the victim called him out on it, the fake Microsoft agent actually threatened to murder him.

The fraudster called Canadian Jakob Dulisse, offering support for nonexistent computer problems he said Dulisse was having. That’s a common scam, incidentally: Companies don’t cold call you when they just think you’re having tech support issues.

When Dulisse busted him on the scam, things got ugly. The scammer asked Dulisse if he “knew what we do to Anglo people” and then said that they “cut them up in little pieces and throw them in the river.”

Whoa! But it got even nastier. When Dulisse refused to back down or grant the scammer access to his computer, the scammer claimed he had Dulisse’s home address and would send someone to murder him if he didn’t comply.

Again, whoa!

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself.

Needless to say, if someone calls you claiming to be from Microsoft, Facebook or even Apple, then asks you to give them access to your personal information, you should just hang up. These companies all have more secure and official channels to get in contact with you if they need to, which will let you authenticate the caller’s details before giving them your personal info.

As for this scammer? All I can say is, what a total dick. Not even Microsoft’s as evil as this guy.