Meet the delicious future of emoji: ligatures


Ligatures. Photo: Alexa Grafera
Ligatures are the tastiest emojis yet. Photo: Alexa Grafera

Apple is making revolutionary breakthroughs in emoji technology with racially diverse emoji in iOS 8.3. For their next innovative addition, wouldn’t it be great if multiple emoji could be joined together as a single icon?

Designers Alexa Grafera and Louie Mantia teamed up to create a delicious new style of emoji called ligatures. The duo made a special set of ice cream fixins emoji that can be strung together to make the tasty-looking desserts found in Alexa’s ice cream emoji GIF above.

They don’t actually work on your iPhone keyboard, but we love the idea. We’ve already seen apps that translate sentences to emoji, and social networks that only let you talk in emoji. Unlocking new emojis by mashing them together seems like the most obvious evolution for these little pictograms that have taken over the world.

Check out some of the proposed combinations below:


Source: Dribbble