Apple’s ‘Shot with iPhone’ ad campaign crowdsources spectacular photos


shot with iphone 1
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new ad campaign might be its best yet, especially if you’re one of the iPhone owners that’s about to have your photo on a billboard.

Simply called “Shot on iPhone,” it’s hard to call Apple’s campaign an ad at all — at least in the traditional sense. Apple crowdsourced photos shot with the iPhone by normal people around the world, and the result is a testament to just how incredible iPhone photography has become.

Apple combed through social media for photos taken with the iPhone, and it ended up gathering shots from 77 people in 24 countries. Each ad “will be displayed on billboards, bus stops and train stations, will remain minimalistic, featuring a photograph, with the words: Shot on iPhone,” according to Time.

Many of the photos chosen were shot by people with no professional photography experience or large follower base on social media. For example, Buzzfeed spoke with Frederic Kauffmann from Barcelona, who only has 778 followers on Instagram. He was surprised when he got a call from Apple after he posted this photo:

Apple has a gallery of all the photos it chose for the new campaign on its website. Each photo includes a brief caption and the iOS apps used to capture and edit.

Here are a few, but be sure to check out the rest on Apple’s website:

shot with iphone 2
Photo: Apple
shot with iphone
Photo: Apple
with with iphone 3
Photo: Apple
shot with iphone 4
Photo: Apple
  • Andrew

    iPhones DO take amazing photos. My LG G3, which is advertised as having an amazing camera for photographers, is absolute crap compared to the iPhone, and I am a photographer myself. I use my DSLR for creative shots more than my phone, but sometimes I just don’t have my DSLR, or it’s too much of a hassle to carry around. The LG G3 can’t even take good shots in settings with decent lighting. :/

  • I would put my iPhone 6 up against any other phone to win. I absolutely love my iPhone camera. These shots are very well done! I think Apple has been doing a great job showcasing the incredible power of their phone’s camera abilities as of late!