If you want an Apple Watch, you'll probably be trekking to an Apple Store | Cult of Mac

If you want an Apple Watch, you’ll probably be trekking to an Apple Store


The second you see an Apple Watch, you'll want one. Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

We still don’t know the exact date the Apple Watch will ship, but a new rumor claims you won’t be able to pick one up at BestBuy, Walmart, or other non-Apple Stores at launch.

Apple plans to make its timepiece an Apple Store exclusive, according to German distribution sources who claim resellers will be shut out so Cupertino can suck up as much Apple Watch profits in the first year as possible.

We can’t verify the sources, so the rumor should be taken with some healthy skepticism, however, we’ve already heard rumblings that Apple is redesigning Apple Stores just for the Apple Watch launch. Leaning on Apple Store to provide the best possible sales experience during the introductory year would make sense.

The Online Apple Store will also sell the wearable. Vaults will supposedly be added to Apple Stores to keep the pricey gold Apple Watches secure. Stores will also have glass viewing cases for the expensive models. Customers will be able to ask specialists to try the different models on, while smaller tables are also supposedly planned so that the Apple Watch Sport and others are better staged.

Apple most likely wants to keep the selling experience on its terms until people are more familiar with what an Apple Watch is. The iPhone was exclusively available at Apple Stores and carriers before distribution deals were later struck with Best Buy, Walmart, Target and others.

Tim Cook revealed the Apple Watch will ship in April. The exact pricing for Apple Watch an Edition models, as well as launch details, are expected to be announced at an event in March.

Source: ApfelPage