Here’s Windows 98 running on an iPad Air 2


Here's Windows 98 running on an iPad Air 2. Screenshot: Cult of Mac
Here's Windows 98 running on an iPad Air 2. Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Ever wanted to run Windows 98 on your iPad Air? Uh, chances are, probably not, and even if you did, it hasn’t been possible. At least not until now. Behold, Windows 98 running on an iPad Air 2!

Reddit user 8bitssince86 posted on the r/jailbreak forums a video of himself playing the classic Black Isle RPG, Fallout 2, in Windows 98 on his iPad.

How’d he do it? He used a jailbroken iPad Air 2 and DOSPAD, a Cydia install garnered from the repo. DOSPAD is based on DoxBox, and allows you to install Windows 98 on your iOS device.

8bitsince87 has since posted full instructions showing his configuration and batch files that allowed him to load the games.

Pretty impressive. I love Fallout 2 and this looks like the next best thing to an official port. If the latter doesn’t come along soon, I may well cave and do this instead.

  • Zeph McLearan

    Back in the day when you could install iDOS from the App Store, I installed it on my original iPad and was able to boot Windows 98 on it. Admittedly it wasn’t as fast as it is on the iPad Air 2 but it is possible.

    • RedNinjaX

      If someone gets 64 bit Windows 7 to run then we’ll talk

  • AAPL_@_$120_Will_Be_Soon_:)

    I’m thinking that with all the nice games that run natively on the iPad Air 2, why would someone want to run some ancient games that ran on Windows 98. Before January 2015, there were people always tossing out ancient Windows PC desktops at the curb but now that’s illegal. I’ve got VMWare Fusion and Windows XP, so maybe I should see if these old games are worth playing.

    • MikeTN

      You may not be able to run them on XP, Many DOS based games do not run on NT based Windows (like XP) because of Hardware Abstraction Layer, Windows 98 SE was the last good non NT Windows that still ran on top of DOS.

      • Michael Superczynski

        “last good” that is stretching it.