Killed by Apple, RadioShack could become Shack


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This could be an Amazore store soon. Photo: Dig My Data

Apple’s retail stores are one of Cupertino’s crown jewels, and the envy of pretty much every tech company out there. A new rumor suggests that online retail giant Amazon might soon be looking to replicate Apple’s success with its own line of brick-and-mortar stores. But how will they get them? By buying up old Radio Shack stores and rebranding them.

According to a new report from Bloomberg Business, Amazon is thinking about using the RadioShack stores as showcases for the company’s hardware, like the Kindle, Echo and Fire Phone, as well as potential pickup and drop-off centers for online customers.

RadioShack isn’t doing well. The company is heading to bankruptcy court, and is widely rumored to be looking to sell its 4,000 or so stores. Other buyers being discussed include Sprint, which is supposedly considering buying and rebranding as many as 2,000 stores.

Although RadioShack has fallen on hard times, this doesn’t mean it’s down for the count. It’s possible that RadioShack won’t have to liquidate, and that another bidder could come forward besides Sprint or Amazon to keep the stores running.

In a sense, Amazon buying RadioShack makes perfect sense. Pretty much anything you can buy at RadioShack you can now get from Amazon for cheaper. Why not replace RadioShack with Amazon in retail spaces too?

Why’s RadioShack on the ropes? It’s pretty obvious, when you think about it: Every gadget you could buy at RadioShack 20 years ago has been made obsolete by the iPhone. But can even Amazon save RadioShack from Apple killing the chain off, once and for all?

Source: Bloomberg Business

  • Second paragraph needs to read “Amazon is thinking…” Not “Apple”, as it currently reads. This makes it look like Apple is pondering purchasing Radio Shack.

  • Rob Lewis

    Worst. Idea. Ever. Is Amazon selling that many kindles and fires to support a store? And there is no way they can carry enough of the other items they sell to become a go-to destination for shoppers. Bad idea.

  • bdkennedy

    Apple didn’t kill them. They died because they suck. They couldn’t innovate.

  • WolfB

    They were killed by Amazon itself, and other online retailers who have all of the same stuff for considerably less money. They were also killed by poor inventory management and service. They’ve been dead to most people, including the hobbiests that kept them in business through the 90s, for over a decade now. They were not killed by Apple.

  • theappleogist

    Ever been to the Westfield Mall in San Francisco (yes, the one that has Bloomingdales as anchor tenant)? It has an Amazon kiosk and no one goes there. Worse foot traffic than the Microsoft store. Amazon shareholders should be alarmed and sell, sell, sell.