Apple Watch event in March could debut iOS 8.2, Retina MacBook Air

Apple Watch event in March could debut iOS 8.2, Retina MacBook Air


Photo: Apple
Will we have to wait for March for the iOS 8.2 update? Photo: Apple

Apple has been working on iOS 8.2 for a while now. Just yesterday, they released iOS 8.2 beta 5 to developers, introducing new changes to WatchKit, the new API for Apple Watch developers.

Given how many betas of iOS 8.2 have come out so far, you might expect that its public release is right around the corner. But a new report suggests we have a long way to go, and the release of iOS 8.2 will be accompanied by an official Apple event — as well as the new MacBook Air.

According to BGR, Apple’s internal roadmap suggests iOS 8.2 won’t be out until March.

We’ve been told by a trusted source that Apple isn’t planning to release iOS 8.2 until March, according to the most recent roadmap. While iOS 8.2 will bring some general improvements and fixes to the company’s mobile operating system, the big news is the support for Apple Watch.

But March, says BGR, will also come with a big Apple event, during which the Apple Watch’s debut date will be announced and Cupertino will unveil the new 12-inch Retina MacBook Air:

Select developers have reportedly also already been asked to submit Apple Watch-compatible apps for Apple to start testing, and some will most likely make an appearance at Apple’s upcoming event, during which the company will announce more details about the watch and possibly next-generation MacBook laptops as well.

All of this makes sense. Most iOS release numbers never go past x.1.x. When Apple debuted the iPad, they did so with an interim version of iOS that broke that rule, iOS 3.2. Apple only consolidated the iPad and iPhone OSes with iOS 4.0. So by history, an iOS 8.2 version number implies the release of a totally new product category: in this case, the Apple Watch. So don’t expect it sooner than Apple’s event.

Source: BGR