Apple Watch spotted in the wild turns skeptic into true believer


The second you see an Apple Watch, you'll want one. Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

I’ll admit it: I don’t think I want an Apple Watch. I don’t need another screen to notify me about what’s happening on another screen.

That’s what I think now. But I’m not arrogant enough to believe Apple might not prove me wrong. They’ve certainly proven me wrong before.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you think the Apple Watch isn’t something you want, but you’re worried that the second you see one, you’ll want one. You’re right to be worried. Apple Watches are starting to be spotted in the wild. And the people who see them are immediately turning into believers.

Over at VentureBeat, tech journalist Mark Sullivan talks about his experience seeing an Apple employee on the San Francisco Muni using his Apple Watch:

I saw a text reminder on the screen, and then, briefly, a map. It appeared that the guy had been using the Watch for some time and was pretty used to it. The product is supposed to go on sale in April, but Apple gave Watches to a number of its employees to gather feedback and fix bugs…

One thing that disturbed me slightly about the device?

Like other blockbuster Apple products, when you see it, something somewhere in the corner of your mind clicks on, and then you realize: You want one.

This is my biggest concern. I’m going to become a true believer literally the second I lay my eyes on one. And something tells me, if that’s true, I won’t be alone. If there’s one thing Apple’s good at, it’s creating products that turns skeptics into believers.

We’ll know in April.

Source: VentureBeat