MacBook Mockup Hints at Glass Trackpad



Rumors around the changes in store for Apple’s laptop line started way back in July. One of the more persistent has expectations set to ‘high’ for a MacBook with a glass, multi-touch, gesture-oriented trackpad.

We found the mockup pictured above posted by Photobucket user skylersaleh; what do you think?

30 responses to “MacBook Mockup Hints at Glass Trackpad”

  1. Andrew says:

    I like everything except the shifted over keyboard
    I don’t think that apple would ever go for that on a laptop, your hands would be touching the massive trackpad as you type

  2. George M. Bush says:

    That is the most retarded photoshopping evAr!!!

  3. MichalM.Mac says:

    Full size keyboard ? I don’t think so. That’s certainly not Apple’s style.

    But i think, that some large Trackpad is possible.

  4. MichalM.Mac says:

    Full size keyboard ? I don’t think so. That’s certainly not Apple’s style.

    But i think, that some large Trackpad is possible.

  5. Alan says:

    Hmmmm. I don’t know about that 10-key! Can’t wait to see the new laptops, though!

  6. ross Winn says:

    I think this is a very poor guess. the keyboard layout is completely wrong.

  7. George Martin Bush says:

    You ask us: “What do you think?”

    I think: This website has just lost all its credibility. I will no longer be coming here. I’m sorry.

  8. Al says:

    luckily this will never turn into real apple product.
    this design is damn ugly.keys should stay same color as casis.and that big touch pad is nothing but trouble and accidental clicks.

  9. willie says:

    I do think the keyboard is unlikely, but the trackpad idea is intriguing. I think it will also have black around the screen, like the new iMac. They correspond: MacBook and iMac = consumer, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro = Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air = small computers (well, it’s a bit of a strech. I think the Mini is aimed at switchers who want to keep their keyboard, mouse, and screen while the Air is for travelers).

  10. Beschizza says:

    I like how that photoshop takes all the modern Apple design notes and rearranges them in such a way as to produce something hideous.

  11. jaconlin says:

    As everyone has stated, the keyboard is idiotic. I would like the different colored keys, like the Air, but the arrangment would never happen.

    A screen like the iMac could be sweet.

  12. ben says:

    I think this one may be close. I am not sure of the extra keys – apple even kept those out of the BT aluminum keyboard and I can’t see them adding them to the MBP. However, the black color does seem to be an apple design trend of late and the glass trackpad could look like this because it would be lifted straight from the iPhone. However, it would have to be centered under the spacebar, NOT the handrest…

    Additionally, I would venture to guess that the screen will share a black bezel like the iMac, iPhone, new nano, etc. It would also coordinate the design elements a little more… this may not be far off from what we see next month. :)

  13. imajoebob says:

    @George Martin Bush
    Jeez, George, take a breath. This isn’t a Cult mock up, it’s from a flickr account – as Lonnie clear states, and he asked whether you liked it. Keep in mind that Apple has been known to float oddball ideas through “unconventional” resources. I don’t think this is one, but Cult thought we might like to see it.

    I guess you found the coverage of Adobe CS 4, the Android, and the odd iPhone camera behaviour specious too? I use Photoshop, so that was important. I’ll need a new phone soon, so the Android is important. And if a camera is important in my new phone, the iPhone report was important. Even if this post is, uh, marginal.

    Oh yeah. That design is a POS.

  14. Al says:

    one thing I always wanted on a mac book pro (or mac book) is a nice recognisable Apple logo under the screen instead of “Mac Book Pro”,a logo like iMac or Apple monitors.I realy believe that will make them alot more attractive design wise.
    and if they make it illuminated (like some sony laptops) it would be even better.

  15. Hoby says:

    If I was in charge of this keyboard layout I’d make the whole bottom into a limited touch-screen where you could make the 10-key be a mode you could turn on and off as needed.

    I like the keyboards as big and centered as they are now. I’d rather something more DS-like be done with the giant open palm-rest regions like I’m suggesting.