How to jailbreak iOS 8.1.2

How to jailbreak iOS 8.1.2



If you felt like you just had to install iOS 8.1.2 because of its devastating “missing ringtone” bug, good news: just 24 hours later, it’s already possible to jailbreak your device.

The jailbreak is called TaiG. It’s in Chinese, and it only works on Windows (although running it in a Windows virtual machine also works fine), but it jailbreaks every version of iOS from iOS 8.0 to iOS 8.1.2, and it works like a charm.

To install the jailbreak, download the TaiG tool, extract its contents, and run the tool as an administrator. For the device you intend to jailbreak, turn off ‘Find My iPhone’ and disable your passcode under ‘Settings’, then enable AirPlane mode. Plug your device into your computer, and when TaiG recognizes your device, uncheck the second box (the one that doesn’t say Cydia) and hit the green button. When you see the smiley face, your jailbreak is done!

According to the Taig team, they’ve already figured out a jailbreak for iOS 8.2, although they are waiting until the next big point release of Apple’s operating system to incorporate it into the Taig tool.

After years of having to wait months for new jailbreaks between iOS updates, jailbreaks have been coming fast and furious lately. It’s strange that it’s such an exciting time to be a jailbreaker, when Apple has given us with iOS 8 less reason to jailbreak than ever before.

Source: Taig