Love is all you (and penguins) need, says John Lewis Christmas ad


All you need is love. Photo: John Lewis
All you need is love. Photo: John Lewis

Sometimes all a penguin needs is love, says the new Christmas ad from British department store John Lewis.

There’s a young boy with a real penguin. The penguin, named Monty, loves playing with the boy: swimming, sledding, building with Legos. but there’s one thing the boy cannot provide for poor Monty, and that’s a life mate.

Watch the full ad below and be sure to stick around for a delightful Calvin & Hobbesian moment at the end.

The John Lewis ads have become quite a big cultural deal in the UK, garnering coverage in mainstream media, even though they’ve only been around since 2007.

Regardless, this year’s short film captures the sweetness and whimsy of the holiday season perfectly, and has already created a demand for the £95 (about $150) stuffed Monty penguin that UK residents can purchase at John Lewis department stores. There’s a whole slew of ad-related merchandise, as well, including a children’s book called Monty’s Christmas (of which part of the proceeds will go to charity) umbrellas, and pajamas (or pyjamas, if you’re British). The John Lewis website is already showing many of these products as out of stock.

The soundtrack is a gorgeously performed cover of John Lennon’s “Real Love” by Tom Odell, and there’s even a hashtag out there (because of course there is): #MontyThePenguin.

Via: Western Daily Press