For app makers, Apple giveth widgets (and Apple taketh away)


PCal widget
PCalc has fallen victim to Apple's proverbial axe. Screenshot: Alex Heath/ Cult of Mac
  • simon lewis

    It’s things like this that keeps me away from the fantastic Apple smartphone hardware. Sticking with Android for a while yet… Apple, why? I understand the iron grip in the early days to ensure overall system response, but these days, why not give the devs a chance?

  • My guess is that there is some security reason behind this decision. I don’t know what that’d be since they allow you to perform other actions (like bid on an Ebay auction) inside the widget section, but security or privacy still seems like the reason why this would’ve happened.

  • lee scott

    If you type “42” in PCalc, it sends all your passwords to the NSA. Or they’d have us believe…

  • Itsthejackuknow

    I have a feeling it has to do with Education… Having a widget that calculates would make it very easy for students to take the easy way out during a test or similar situation. We all know how big Apple is on education, and would do what they can to assist in the actual education of people

  • Zer01

    An app called Wdgts does the same and much more …