Wells Fargo will pay you to try Apple Pay


Photo: Wells Fargo
Photo: Wells Fargo

Banks and credit card companies have been heavily pushing Apple Pay already, but perhaps the biggest gesture of support so far is from Wells Fargo.

In a promotion announced today, Wells Fargo said that it will pay customers up to $20 just for trying Apple Pay.

Credit card holders will receive a $20 credit on their next statement, and debit/prepaid card holders will be given $10 within 45 days. To get the free money, all you have to do is make a purchase with Apple Pay before November 30th.

Apple Pay is currently supported with Wells Fargo’s Visa credit, MasterCard credit, debit, prepaid, and Propel American Express credit card. The bank’s corporate MasterCard credit card is not supported, but its corporate Visa credit card will gain support next month.

While only available in this year’s newest iPhones and iPads, Apple Pay has been embraced with open arms by nearly all of the major financial institutions in the United States. Some retailers are choosing to opt out of supporting Apple Pay in favor of an upcoming QR code-based solution, but banks like Wells Fargo have made it clear that they prefer Apple’s service for its security and ease of use.

Source: Wells Fargo