The latest iOS 8.1 beta hints the next iPad could come with a Super Retina display



Before the iPhone 6 was officially announced, developers confirmed the higher resolution of the iPhone 6 by examining the beta for iOS 8, specifically in the way apps would prefer to load a 3x image over the 2x image on existing Retina Devices.

Now the iOS 8.1 beta is out, and developers are discovering that it will similarly call up 3x versions of many iPad UI assets, implying that the iPad could be seeing a resolution bump sometime soon.

The discovery was made by iOS developer Hamza Sood, who posted on Twitter an image of the assets, along with this message:

We haven’t heard about the iPad Air or iPad mini getting a resolution increase this year, so this could just be Apple future-proofing the iPad for a resolution bump down the line.

That said, it’s not like Apple to give away future plans in an iOS beta like this if they’re a year or so out. But I’ll believe a higher resolution iPad when I see it. We’ve heard no chatter of a resolution bump on the iPad line, and it’s hard to make a device both thinner and higher resolution, as we’ve seen in the past.

Source: Twitter