Play Nintendo’s iconic games on iOS 8 without jailbreaking



Nintendo is probably never going to release its treasure trove of retro titles onto iOS any year soon, but if you want to experience the thrill of stumping tutrtles dead in Super Mario World on your gigantic iPhone 6 Plus display, there’s a simple hack that can make it happen.

SiOS – a new Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator created by Lucas Mendes Meng – can be installed on any iOS 8.0.2 device and lower thanks to a little hack via iDeviceHypethat gives your iPhone access to SNES games like Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Quest, Yoshiland, and hundred of other ROMS. And you don’t even need a jailbreak.

Here’s how to play SNES games on your iPhone 6 right now:

Installing SiOS

Step 1: Open this page in Safari on your iOS 8 device and itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=” tap here to beginSiOS installation via

Step 2: Go to Settings > General > Date and Time.
Step 3: Toggle Automatically Set to OFF, and roll your date back to August 8th, 2014.
Step 4: Once you’ve set the date two months back, retry installation.
Step 5: When installation finishes, tap SiOS app and and tap Trust
Step 6: Go back to Settings > General Date and Time and toggle Automatic back on.

Getting Games

Step 1: Go to’s Super Nintendo Section and select a ROM.
Step 2: Tap ‘Download Now’ and then choose: Open in SiOS and the ROM will save in the SiOS app.
Step 3: Go into SiOS and select the desired ROM.

Source: iDeviceHype