Instagram’s Hyperlapse app just became the ultimate selfie tool



Today Instagram updated Hyperlapse with a feature it’s calling “selfielapse.” While the app was previously restricted to the rear shooter, the iPhone’s front facing camera can now be used to take time lapse videos.

Hyperlapse’s design has also been updated to be at home on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Why would you even need to use an app like Hyperlapse with Apple’s time lapse feature in iOS 8, you ask? Because Hyperlapse is more than a normal time lapse tool. It’s made to be used in a moving environment, and you can speed up or slow down the footage based on what you think looks best. Video stabilization is also used to smooth out camera shakiness, and it’s easy to send video directly to Instagram from within the app.

Here’s our video look at the original release of Hyperlapse:

Now that there’s selfie support, expect to start seeing even more Hyperlapses in your Instagram feed.

Source: App Store