ProCam brings iOS 8’s manual camera controls into focus



ProCam 2 – confusingly now at v3.0 – is the first camera app that allows manual focus and exposure on devices running iOS 8. You now get full manual control of ISO, shutter speed, focus and white balance, all with neat-o on-screen sliders.

ProCam is already full-featured camera app. It lets you save TIFF files instead of lossy JPGs, it’s had a self-timer since forever and it has a whole bunch of filters and lens simulations.

But the manual control adds a whole new level. These controls are accessed using the little on-screen adjusters that appear when you tap two fingers on the “viewfinder.” This brings up separate focus and exposure targets, just like before, only now you can tap a little lock icon inside each to activate the manual controls. A slider appears by the target and you swipe up and down to adjust.

The focus slider is great, and a lot faster than auto in tricky situations, especially when combined with the digital zoom for close-up adjustments. And the manual control of ISO and shutter speed is great for low-light shooting.

I like the controls a lot, but on both the iPad Air and my iPhone 5, the app crashes a lot when using them. And the interface is just the same old confused mess as before. Still, it’s a taste of the great new camera controls available to third parties in iOS 8.

Source: iTunes