Apple’s official version of TestFlight lands on the App Store


Apple's TestFlight is used to beta test apps before they're ready for prime time.
Apple's TestFlight is used to beta test apps before they're ready for prime time.

Beta testing apps is about to get ridiculously easy for developers and users alike now that Apple’s new version of TestFlight has landed on the App Store.

Testflight has been used by developers for years, but the app has never been available on the App Store until today because it violated app review guidelines. Adding it as an official app should increase the popularity of beta testing among iOS users by letting you sign up with just your email address, rather than forcing devs to manage UDIDs for you.

Apple acquired Burstly, the makers of the popular Testflight service, earlier this year and announced at WWDC they’d relaunch the beta testing tool on iOS 8 as part of host of new tools in the redesigned iTunes Connect portal that launched yesterday.

The free app requires iOS 8 and is available on iTunes for free, but it’s pretty much worthless for now until developers are allowed to submit app builds to testers. Until then you can look at blank screen and dream of testing next sequel to Flappy Bird

Here are the release notes:

TestFlight allows app developers to invite you to beta test their apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Once you join a developer’s beta test through their email invitation, TestFlight makes it easy to install or update to new bet versions as they become available.

Beta testing apps has never been easier

– To receive your beta test invitation, all an app developer needs is your email address
– You will receive beta invitations in your inbox
– Accept the invitation to open TestFlight and install the app
– TestFlight will then notify you when new versions are available
– Tap to upgrade to the latest version and keep testing

Source: iTunes