Crystal Baller: Gold iPad Airs, tap-to-pay on iWatch, and 10 other wild Apple rumors



The end of iPhone rumor season

We get slammed 24/7 with new Apple rumors. Some are accurate, most are not. To give you a clue about what’s really coming out of Cupertino in the future, we’re busting out our rumor debunker each week to blow up the nonsense.

iPhone and iWatch rumor season is nearly at an end, and with Apple's big event just a week away, everyone from analysts to bloggers are trying to get in their last minute predictions.

Will we really see a gold iPad Air 2 on September 9th? Does the iPhone 6 have a programmable home button? Is that mysterious white building next to the Flint Center really for a U2 concert? Step up to our crystal ball to see which of this week's rumors are bangers, and which are bound to be duds.

No iWatch on Sept. 9th?

The Rumor: The iWatch won't even show its face on September 9th.

The Verdict: Sorry DigiTimes, but the iWatch is definitely going to be at the event.

Banks give Apple a break

The Rumor: Banks are cutting Apple a huge deal on transaction fees to participate in its mobile payments play.

The Verdict: Sounds about right. Anytime Apple enters a new market it squeezes the competition by setting up super deals with the content creators, or in this case, the people running your payments.

iWatch with 8GB of storage

The Rumor: iWatch will get 8GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM.

The Verdict: Probably. Users won't be looking to store their entire music libraries on the iWatch, but we'll need just enough room to cram it full of apps.

iPhablet gets huge battery

The Rumor: The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will get a massive 2,915 mAh battery.

The Verdict: Yay. We've seen the battery leak out of the supply chain a few times already, and based on other rumors, it looks like Apple is reserving some of the best new features for the iPhablet.

Gold iPad Air 2 next week too?

The Rumor: Apple will reveal a gold iPad Air 2 alongside the iPhone 6.

The Verdict: No way. Gold iPads are probably in the cards, but Apple always waits until October to reveal its new tablets, and next week's event is going to be jam packed as is with iOS 8, iPhone 6, mobile payments, and the iWatch. Save some more goodies for later Apple.

Programmable power buttons

The Rumor: The iPhone 6 will be the first iDevice to get a programmable power button.

The Verdict: Too early to tell. Ming-Chi Kuo dropped a fat stack of new Apple rumors this week that are either next-level Apple scoops that no one saw coming, or a sign that "the world's top Apple analyst" is slipping.


iWatch won't be cheap

The Rumor: High-end iWatch units will cost $400.

The Verdict: That's it? After hearing about a possible $1000 price point last year, $400 sounds like a steal. As long as the iWatch is more than just a smaller screen for your iPhone attached to your wrist, Swiss watch makers might be screwed.

NFC-enabled tap-to-pay

The Rumor: NFC will be added to iWatch to make mobile payments a breeze

The Verdict: Looks like 2014 is the year of NFC, and as long as it means I don't have to bust out my wallet every time I want to buy a Red Bull, Apple can put a NFC chip in anything it wants.

iWatch will charge wirelessly

The Rumor: iWatch will have postage stamp sized guts and feature wireless charing.

The Verdict: No doubt. No one wants to plug in their wrist watch at the end of the day to juice it up, but you'll probably have to set it on a charging pad at night.

Launch date confirmed?

The Rumor: Dutch carrier confirms September 19th launch date for iPhone 6.

The Verdict: Mark your calendar and get ready to wait in line for hours, because the iPhone 6 will definitely be in stores on September 19th, but the 5.5-incher might be in low supply.

Reversible USB

The Rumor: Reversible USB cables won't be included with iPhone 6.

The Verdict: Most likely not. Based on leaks, it doesn't appear that Apple is producing them en masse yet. Looks like we'll have another year before Lightning cables are reversible at both ends.

U2 to rock the Flint Center

The Rumor: U2 will play at the iPhone 6 event and preload its new album on every iPhone.

The Verdict: Sounds too bad to be true. A U2 appearance isn't going to elevate the iPhone/iWatch event to the next level, and you'd have to think Tim Cook would hire someone a lot cooler than U2 (I heard Kanye's got a secret new album he's ready to release).

Representatives for U2 have already squashed the rumor, but some of U2's worst fans are still holding onto hope.

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    Bloody skitz mate

  2. Mike McKenzy says:

    Love it! This was one of the best Cryastal Baller articles in a long time. Thanks!

  3. Tallest Skil says:

    Regarding the iWatch verdict: I’m glad you guys, who have no clue what Apple is actually doing, think you can pretend you know what Apple is doing.

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