U2 squashes rumor that it will play at iPhone 6 event



Apple fans hoping to get elevated with Bono and The Edge at the Flint Center will be disappointed to hear the band’s spokes people have squashed the rumor that they are playing at the iPhone 6 event.

Rumors began bubbling on the internet this week that U2 would release its album by preloading it on the iPhone 6. Reports also claimed that Apple’s mysterious white box outside the Flint Center is really a giant sound stage for U2 to play on.

There are plenty of reasons why it’d make sense, but U2’s publicist is denying it:

“They are not releasing their album on the iPhone, and they are not performing at the IPhone launch,” the spokeswoman told Independent IE. .

Could this be classic Apple subterfuge, trying to hold on to its secrets before the party? The rep didn’t deny that U2 and Apple have some partnership. Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire, but maybe they’ve just struck a deal to relase their next album as an iTunes exclusive, like Queen Bey did last year.

Whatever plans Apple has for that big white box, we’ll be at the event live to find out in person when Apple unveils its new bundle of goodies for the fall.

  • whodakat

    I honestly think Samsung, and Google are the ones leaking half of these rumors. I think their only strategy is to try and make the iPhone/iWatch or iWhatever, disappointing. So they make up all these last minute rumors that won’t come true. And because the world is in Apple fervor the week before the new iPhone gets announced, they know all the main stream media outlets will pick it up. This just in, the new iWatch IS the new iPhone, and it uses holograms instead of a screen. Its made of solid gold and will sell for $1.99.

  • lucascott

    Apple rarely flat out denies things like this so close to an announcement. They just ignore it. Yes perhaps U2 did shut a video and yes it might show at the announcement, to talk about Product (Red). Apple might be increasing their commitment to creating (Red) products.