How to keep your iCloud account safer with 2-step verification



If you make something private, obviously you want it to stay that way. But with hackers trying to get at your data, you need to be prepared. Following the recent iCloud hacking that leaked tons of private celebrity photos, there’s a renewed focus on security.

In today’s video, we show you how to enable two-step verification on all your Apple devices so you’ll have a better chance of keeping everything that’s near and dear to you private and secure.

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  • Richard

    Misleading headline – this doesnt keep iCloud safer. It keeps my ACCOUNT safer, which is entirely different. I have two step on now, but can still log into iCloud with using it. It only asks me for 2-step if I go to buy something on an iOS device, or log into my iTunes account etc.

    • HowmaNoid

      It’s actually linked your device to your account so it knows that you’re connecting from a device that’s been authenticated. It will only ask you to provide the 2-step auth if you want to change account settings or if you try to connect to the service from a device that it doesn’t recognize as being associated with your account.

      • Richard

        AHH. Thanks!

  • Last Curmudgeon

    it’s fundamental from the beginning of the internet. if you can access it, anybody can access it. assume all your emails and other stored data are being hacked. just like cell phones. you’re broadcasting to the world. electronic devices are amoral. every security system is hackable. the only truly secure data is in your mind. all of that being said, people still put sensitive data out into the ether. and use their birthday for a password.