Apple seeds OS X Yosemite Preview 7 to developers



Apple seeded the seventh beta of OS X Yosemite to developer this afternoon with build 6A280n. The release comes ahead of Yosemite’s wide release this fall, and while the seed note doesn’t mention any new features, it looks like Apple’s engineers have been busy squashing bugs.

Accompanying the Yosemite beta is a new beta of Xcode 6 that includes a number of improvements with the Swift programming language Apple debuted at WWDC. There are also new beta’s available for OS X Server 4.0 Developer Preview and Apple Configurator 1.7 beta 5.

Apple’s public beta program for Yosemite was opened to one million public testers in July that should be able to get the new beta soon from the Apple Software update menu, while developers can grab it now from the Mac Dev Center.

Yosemite brings a revamped UI to OS X along with a host of new features aimed at making your iPhone and Mac work smarter together. No official word from Apple on what’s inside the new preview but we’ll let you know what we find as soon as its installed.

  • Scott Landis

    Hopefully the Apple TV mirroring issue will be fixed.

  • Carlos Montanez

    I dont know if it has happened to any one else but, my iMac is only 3 month old, haven’t had any issue with it what so ever, 3 days after i installed the 6th Yosemite public beta in a separate partition within my main 1TB hdd. After one restart to my main partition i was unable to load my main partition, went into recovery mode to try and fix de disk, it was unable to fix the drive because of a Invalid Node Structure,eventually i had to wipe my WHOLE drive, wont say it was caused by Yosemite but after reading that The Invalid Node Structure is basically a directory problem within the partition ill asume that it was caused by the beta state of Yosemite. The 3 days i had it i really liked it, sadly ill wait until the actual release.

    • uberdown

      this may have been caused by the disk being converted to a corestorage logical volume group. i ran into this as well, but was able to revert my disk to a standard disk using the following commands via terminal:
      diskutil cs list
      diskutil cs convert

      this has been a common issue seen by many users of the dev previews; i am uncertain if this occurs on beta builds

      • Max

        I had the same problem with DP5. I eventually got my “main” partition to load but it took even longer to get the drive back to one partition

  • Pharoah Jardin

    As soon as “it’s” installed. Not “its”.

    • Nazi Grammar Buster

      grammer nazi