Banksy’s latest sketch is a terrifying reminder of your iPhone addiction



Banksy, the U.K. street artist who doesn’t shy from making commentary on social and technology issues with his graffiti street art, published a new sketch with a terrifying reminder that your iPhone has basically become a parasitic extension.

In a separate piece of graffiti art posted on Twitter, Banksy had a subtle message against corporations like Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, and others.

Take a look:


Source: Banksy

  • BM

    This is nonsense! People need to start taking responsibility for their actions. It is WE the people that get addicted to these things, if we didn’t use them ALL THE TIME companies wouldn’t make them. The over use of products is the fault of humans not companies that make our lives easier. This leftist nonsens rhetoric has no reality check what so ever, its playing the victim card on ALL LEVELS ALL THE TIME. Stop being such a weak cunt and get on with it already.

    • shayneo

      You forgot to mention Obama and BENGAZAAAARGHHHHH in your crazy spiel dude! Throw in Al Gore and how scientists are secretly lying and the crazy will be complete.

    • alxinldn

      Aww… are you feeling a little cranky today buddy?

    • RB

      It serves as a reminder to take control of your own actions- it doesn’t blame the companies. HOWEVER, you could liken it to cigarette companies- knowing their product kills you, yet continues to make more, because they make more money. Corporations rarely care about the overall effects of their products- ADDICTION- and will continue to produce them until someone steps in. Sometimes people CANT help themselves- the power of the brain chemistry is too strong. Or at least it can be such a big hurdle people have trouble making it happen and fail.

  • josephz2va

    He’s trying to scare us to go to Android. Not happening.

    • shayneo

      Yeah your missing the point pretty spectacularly bro. He’s not talking about brands here, he’s talking about smartphone addiction in general.

      • dfg

        you’re not getting the joke pretty spectacularly buddy :D

  • Aannddyy

    I was thinking about this the other night as I held my iPhone, reading Game of Thrones in iBooks while listening to music in the headphones, sometimes looking at pictures of my friends new baby and reading the news… I love my iPhone.

  • So bold! So hard-hitting! So what?

  • RK

    Certainly not Banksy. Pictures were taken from an unverified Twitter account. How can you publish this garbage?

    • RB

      Indeed. Why attribute it to Banksy when def NOT Banksy. Embarrassing.

  • Street I Am

    This art has opened my eyes. Now I am scared. I thought ISIS was bad but this iPhone thing has really got me into a veritable tizzy

  • jaij

    What was blacked out and redacted at bottom of photo, and why?