This Mac Pro-powered OK Go cart makes some awesome videos


These wires and Mac Pro do some amazing work. Photo: Damian Kulash/Instagram
These wires and Mac Pro do some amazing work. Photo: Damian Kulash/Instagram

Just take a look at that beast above, posted by lead singer and guitarist for nerdtastic rock band OK Go, Damian Kulash. The Instagram photo, captioned “There is a machine that makes OK Go videos. This is that machine.”

Founded in 1998, OK Go consists of Damian Kulash (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Nordwind (bass guitar and vocals), Dan Konopka (drums and percussion) and Andy Ross (guitar, keyboards and vocals). They’re known for their extensive, quirky and technically complex music videos.

Here are a few of those awesome videos, made with the OK Go cart above.

Here’s the latest awesome video by the band, which consists of one long, over four-minute shot that shows the band singing to their song, “The Writing’s On The Wall” (iTunes) as they move from colored area to colored area, fitting in to the visual scene with shapes and colors on their own clothing.

Then of course, there’s the amazing car-powered video for “Needing/Getting” (iTunes), in which the band packs into a little car and then drives down a musical race course, banging side-sitting pianos and various melodic percussion objects while singing the song. It’s amazing work.

In the above video, the band acknowledges Rube Goldberg, the artist most well-known for his popular cartoons that explore complicated gadgets made to complete simple tasks in over-complicated, convoluted ways. The song “This Too Shall Pass” (iTunes) plays over the incredibly detailed and wacky gadget path that is again filmed in one long single shot.

We’d be remiss for not pointing out the breakout hit “Here It Goes Again” (iTunes), the video and single that started OK Go on their path to stardom back in 2006. Just watch the nerd choreography above and marvel.