Apple makes September 9 event official: ‘Wish we could say more’



Apple has sent out media invites for its previously rumored September 9th event, so now it’s official. “Wish we could say more,” reads the especially cryptic invite.

Unlike past iPhone events, Apple won’t be holding this one at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Instead, Apple is inviting the press to The Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino near company headquarters.

The inside of The Flint Center.
The inside of The Flint Center.

The choice of location is interesting given its Apple history. The Flint Center is where Steve Jobs debuted the first Mac in 1984, and it’s also where Jobs unveiled the Bondi Blue iMac in 1998. The building is the main theater for De Anza College, where Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak went to school.

Practically, The Flint Center seats a lot more people than Yerba Buena as well. Yerba Buena only seats 757, while The Flint Center seats 2,405. Wanting more people there for the show means Apple has something big up its sleeve. A giant structure is already being built adjacent to the theater too.

Two new sizes of the iPhone 6 are expected, although it’s unclear if Apple will wait to show off the 5.5-inch model at a later date. Recode reported yesterday that the iWatch (or whatever Apple calls its wearable) will also be unveiled alongside the iPhone 6.

Cult of Mac will be at Apple’s September 9th event to bring you breaking news and hands-on analysis of what the company unveils.

  • Alexander F

    Reminds me of a sundial.

    • Yujin

      Good point. This maybe the iPhone 6 and the iWatch.

    • tangorum

      ohhhh, u right

  • Is it just me or don’t they normally wait until a week before the event to send out the invites?

    • lowtolerance

      Yeah, this is unexpectedly early.

    • josephz2va

      Based on their previous experience, they don’t want to be sold out in 30 seconds flat from WWDC or iPhone debut.

      • suitjackets

        Isn’t it invitation-only?

      • lucascott

        how can something that is invite only be sold out

      • josephz2va

        Guess they changed their policy last time I remembered via iOS 7.

      • PMB01

        These events have always been invite-only.

    • lucascott

      My guess is that they were worried that someone would figure out that they were doing the event there and the building is part of it and leak it. So why not go ahead and spill.

      Plus by saying it now the media will be creaming themselves to sort out what the building is, what the invite means etc and all but ignore Samsung etc

  • Adam Carter

    People’s thoughts on the tagline? It should be taken literally, right? To be able to say more by having another method of communication as oppose to just a new phone? Perhaps a new device, possible complimentary to a new iPhone, or just relative to existing products (i.e just one new iPhone)

    • stapleb1

      Wish we could say more = speechless!

  • Tim Phillips

    If I were to guess, I would say the invite point to a next generation Siri.

    • Deborah

      It can say everything but the word “more”!

      Wish we could say, “more”


      Maybe they’re bringing back the Talking Moose!

  • burkamus

    Wish we could say more is alluding to a bigger iPhone. The word “say” being a reference to the phone itself, and the word “more” alluding to a bigger phone. And then the obvious Sundial reference.

    • PMB01

      If anything, it would mean the opposite. That Apple isn’t giving us a bigger iPhone.

  • Craig Waters
  • Arnel Mercado

    I’m going with the iWatch lock screen

  • GMAC

    “Wish we could say more.”
    Probably because like always the rumors are mostly true and there is nothing more they can say.

  • horcrux7

    Apple logo looks like a sundial

  • Love their communication. Mysticism is the best way to go, well that is if your product is great. If you’re Apples competition you’re vulgar and clownish simply because your product is either a cheap knockoff or has a blatant inferiority complex.

  • Steve R

    It’s definitely suggesting an iWatch with the sundial reference & “wish it could do/say more than just tell time” – no doubt in my mind

  • Greg_the_Rugger

    Since Siri is completely useless since it can only do a limited number of functions, I think it is an upgrade to the digital assistant. You can then operate your iwatch via voice.

  • CuJo YYC

    If I were to guess, I would say the invitation looks like a white on white section of the Apple logo, slightly raised above the background thereby causing the leaf to cast a shadow at approximately the 4:00 pm position, and judging from the crispness of the shadow, it’s a sunny day in the virtual world within which the Apple logo lives.

  • fastasleep

    It’s a dick going into a butt. They’d say more but it’s NSFW.

  • Brandon McLaren

    Definitely a sundial! Bring on iWatch?

  • Stetch

    “Wish we could say more.” Whats more to say than the date? Time! iWatch? :p

  • ‘Wish we could say more’ – got to be a reference to siri and the iWatch. I’d assume voice commands will be prominent in the symbiosis of the iPhone and iWatch. Say more referring to Siri becoming a much more useful tool now it has a more logical place to sit on your arm.

  • sturla hansen

    two nines turned around, and u see two iPhone 6 coming.