The best Hyperlapse videos on Instagram

The 12 best Hyperlapse videos on Instagram so far



Instagram’s decision to release Hyperlapse as a standalone app yesterday was a bit of surprise to users, but not adding the feature directly into Instagram certainly hasn’t seemed to hurt its rising popularity.

Hyperlapse was only released 24 hours ago on iOS, but grammers have been eager to take it for a spin, and have tagged over 32,000 Instagram posts with #hyperlapse. Most of the videos are rubbish time lapses of what it’s like to drive in a car, but Instagram made sure Hyperlapse got into the hands of some of its top photogs before the public release, and the results were are pretty breathtaking, whether it be cruising Yosemite on a longboard, or just watching an army of ants march by with its cargo.

We’ve gathered up 12 of the best Hyperlapse videos to hit Instagram so far from both pros and amateurs alike. Check out the videos below to see what’s sure to be the next big trend on Instagram:

Riding with the buffalo through Yellowstone.

High-speed ant traffic

Jimmy Fallon shoves his face with cake

Grand Canyon views

Boarding above Yosemite

New York City

Art on the beach

Cruising past Palos Verdes Cliffs

A little crab finds his way

Sydney Opera House

Flying and landing

Did we miss one of your favorites? Drop it in the comments and we’ll add it to the gallery.