The Infinity Blade series comes to an end with Kingdom Come



Here’s the bad news: Chair’s Infinity Blade series, which has been one of the biggest showcases of what the iPhone and iPad hardware can do for gaming, is set to end next week.

Here’s the good news. Infinity Blade is going out with a bang, with Infinity Blade III getting its fourth and final content update, Kingdom Come.

There’s not much information on the update so far, except for a cinematic teaser and a post on the official Chair blog.

“All good things must come to an end, even the Infinity Blade trilogy,” Chair announces in a new blog post. “On September 4, ChAIR will release the final content update for Infinity Blade III, titled Kingdom Come. This update, free to all Infinity Blade III players, will reveal some new secrets, answer more questions, and set you on a quest to defeat one very pissed off dragon.”

There’s also this new teaser, which also flashes back to some of the highlights of the series

It’s a shame that the series is coming to the end. Infinity Blade III was released the same day as iOS 7 last year, and I had personally hoped we might see Infinity Blade IV make a surprise appearance at September 9th’s iPhone 6 event. The Infinity Blade games were always a good way to show off what a new iPhone could do.

Still, cheer up. If Infinity Blade is over, now Chair can concentrate on pushing the boundaries of iOS’s hardware for their next game. I can’t wait.

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  • QIP-/ANNI-//Hil;:-ATE

    Hello, I wish to state that this is not the last of the Infinity Blade franchise. There is a kickstarter campaign funded by none other than the Infinity Blade soundtrack composer, Josh Aker, called Infinity Blade: Chronicles, which is a short film that follows both Siris and Raidriar in a story not yet featured in the Infinity Blade franchise.

    Let us hope that this project is funded, that way, the Infinity Blade saga does not end here.

  • lucascott

    personally i’m still a bit narked they never released the title they demo’d at the keynote