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The awesome Mac RPG Legend of Grimrock is finally coming to iPad



Almost three years ago to the day, I enthused about Legend of Grimrock, a throwback to the first-person dungeon crawlers from the 80s (Dungeon Master, The Bard’s Tale and even the first Phantasy Star game for the Sega Master System) that was coming to iPad “by the end of the year.”

What a joke. While Legend of Grimrock did eventually come to the Mac, it’s iPad version most definitely come out by the end of 2011. But good news! A new update at the official Legend of Grimrock blog says the wait is almost finally over.

At, in addition to announcing the beta of Legend of Grimrock 2, Grimrock‘s developers write:

Many of you may be wondering what the heck happened to the iOS version of Legend of Grimrock!? And rightly so. The truth is we really, really would have liked to work on it, but there never has been enough time to truly make it happen. We care so much about the quality of our games that hiring some random dude who we do not know personally to do the porting work just did not seem right to us (no offence to “the random internetz folks!”).

But now things have changed. A friend of us and a coder extraordinaire, Juha Pinola has now been working on the iOS version of Legend of Grimrock 1 for some time and the game is shaping up really well. We do not know the release date just yet other than “when it’s done” but we’ll let you know when we know, ok?

That’s fantastic news. Even better? Grimrock‘s developers say that the iPad port will feature “custom mechanics” and new content to get the full benefits of a touch interface.

Here’s hoping that in three years, I’m not writing another post, telling you all that Grimrock on iOS still hasn’t come out. Some things are enough to drive a Mac blogger mad.